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8 Home Prepaid WiFi Promos for Your Work From Home Needs - go!

8 Home Prepaid WiFi Promos for Your Work From Home Needs

Enjoy flexible and generous data allocation at an affordable price

A lot of businesses have enforced mandatory work from home at the peak of COVID-19. Chances are, this setup will continue for many more months to come. Thankfully, we now have the internet to make this switch easier and smoother. But, to perform your work responsibilities successfully, a stable and reliable Wi-Fi connection is an absolute must-have. 

Regardless if you’ve been home-based for years or have suddenly switched to a remote setup, Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi’s plug and play instant Wi-Fi solution will complete your home setup and help you get work done.

It’s as simple as purchasing the modem device, plugging it in and connecting to get instant access to a reliable connection. Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi provides up to 2X faster speed, 2X stronger signal and broader coverage compared to the old Globe Pocket WiFi. What’s more, you can enjoy its one-time 10GB internet allowance for free and reload whenever you need it. 

Depending on your needs and budget, there’s a Globe Prepaid WiFi Promo for you and your whole family. Are you ready to surf more at home? Keep scrolling! 

A. For no-commitment week-long browsing 

If you only work from home a couple of times a week, Globe At Home 7-day Prepaid WiFi should do the job. It’s perfect if you don’t regularly need connection. You can simply get the device and load on the weeks that you need it. You don’t have to commit to an internet plan to stay connected. 


Data Coverage

Inclusions & Freebies

HomeSurf 199

15 GB

7GB + freebie of 1GB Daily for YouTube, FBM, WhatsApp, Viber, Lazada, Shopee, GCash

HomeWatch 199

Up to 34GB

6GB + freebie 4 GB daily videos

These weekly prepaid promos can see you through a week of working online. You can enjoy seven days of online collaboration with workmates and surfing, plus video streaming during breaks with HomeSurf 199. On the other hand, HomeWatch 199 is excellent if you plan to stream YouTube, Netflix, iWant, iflix or Viu the whole week.

B. Your budget-friendly Prepaid Wi-Fi

If you need Wi-Fi weekly, but you’re trying to stick to a tight budget, you can opt for the 15-day Wi-Fi prepaid promo and re-subscribe only when you need to or until you have the budget to avail a 30-day promo. These promos can give you value for your money with a data allocation that can last you more than two weeks of online tasks, plus the extra data for apps. 


Data Coverage

Inclusions & Freebies

HomeSurf 599

40 GB

15GB + freebie of 1GB Daily for YouTube, FBM, WhatsApp, Viber, Lazada, Shopee, GCash

HomeWatch 599

Up to 75GB

6GB + freebie 15 GB daily videos

These 15-day prepaid promos can give you sufficient mileage for emailing colleagues, online research and even Zoom video calls. Zoom group calls at standard definition typically consume 810 MB per hour. So, if you’re in Zoom video conference meetings for an hour per week, you’ll only use up around 2 GB for three weeks. 

C. Bigger and better data for a whole month of maximum use

These monthly prepaid Wi-Fi promos are best suitable for those who work from home full-time and those who have kids set up for distance learning. If you’re living with a roommate, you can split the cost for this 30-month subscription. With this, you can enjoy high-speed internet perfect for work and pay a lower price without the pressure of a lockup period. 


Data Coverage

Inclusions & Freebies

HomeSurf 999

70 GB

30GB + freebie of 1GB Daily for YouTube, FBM, WhatsApp, Viber, Lazada, Shopee, GCash

HomeSurf 1499

100 GB

30GB + freebie of 1GB Daily for YouTube, FBM, WhatsApp, Viber, Lazada, Shopee, GCash

HomeWatch 999

Up to 140GB

20GB + freebie 4 GB Daily Videos

HomeWatch 1499

Up to 200GB

80GB + freebie 4 GB Daily Videos

If you’re a big consumer of movies and TV shows, you can opt for a HomeWatch promo to maximize data for your entertainment needs. Meanwhile, if you’re more of a browser and casual YouTube viewer and will use the prepaid internet primarily for work purposes, you’re better off subscribing to HomeSurf.

You can load up your prepaid Wi-Fi with different promos depending on your budget and needs. Using the Globe at Home App allows you to track, manage and top up easily. You may also load up via GCash by tapping the “Buy Load” icon and selecting the prepaid promo you prefer under the “Broadband” option. 

Other reload options include web loading, dialing #143 and AutoLoad Max. 

Convenient, Flexible and Instant Wi-Fi Connection

Experience a robust internet connection at home that can handle your work and entertainment needs at an affordable price. If you want a Globe broadband plan, but it still isn’t available in your area, Globe prepaid Wi-Fi promos have you covered. 

You can easily set up and install your Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi on your own. Follow the setup process and you’re ready for a high-speed and reliable browsing experience. This wireless connection ensures you don’t have to worry about bad weather interrupting your connection. 

Now, you can stay connected and surf all you want without the pressure of a monthly fee or lockup period! 

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