How to Renew Your Globe Postpaid Plan: A Complete Guide

Complete it in a few minutes!

Here’s something you can try that’s equally scary and revealing: Visit your phone’s screen time feature and add up the time spent on your device over the span of a year. 

Globe’s postpaid plan renewal system stays on top of the game when it comes to convenience by providing you with a hassle-free process that you can complete in minutes. Current subscribers can now sign up for top phone and SIM-Only GPlans through the GCash app and enjoy other Globe postpaid benefits, too!

Subscribing to a GPlan with your GCash app is a time-limited promo that grants you access to premium subscription plans, vouchers and other product boosters from several of Globe’s existing partnerships. Best of all, these postpaid plans come with unlimited calls to all networks, unlimited texts and access to GoWiFi spots for free.

With easy access to several different types of plans at your fingertips, it can be a challenge picking a postpaid plan to subscribe to. Luckily, trying them out through the GlobeOne app is easy and allows you to come back to the subscriptions you love the most anytime.

Why Should I Renew My Postpaid Plan?

Renewing your postpaid plan offers convenience and some perks!

  • Keep your existing Globe mobile number – No need to update your number over and over again.
  • Avail of a new and possibly free handset – Get your hands on the latest gadgets available at Globe!
  • Pay a recurring monthly amount – Easily settle your bills through accredited payment channels or the GlobeOne app.
  • Choose among new freebies and promos – Globe regularly offers new promos and freebies that come with your GPlan.

Once you’re subscribed to one of these, you can enjoy all sorts of postpaid exclusive bonuses that other premium users have every day. These include special promos and vouchers you can redeem from select partners like Yellow Cab, Jamba Juice, Krispy Kreme and many more.

You can also enjoy discounted cash-out services from your GCash app once you’ve accumulated a significant amount of money in your account.

Is My Plan Eligible for Renewal?

Globe postpaid subscriptions have a few requirements that you need to meet for them to be eligible for renewal:

  • You need to have an active postpaid account that has gone beyond its lock-in period.
  • If you’re still under contract, you can only request renewal when it is less than 30 days from the stated expiry period.
  • Your current postpaid subscription must have no remaining balance from your previous bill.

Once you’ve met the requirements, you should note the differences between the Sim-only and GPlan subscriptions. Sim-only options come with a standard lock-in period of six months, while device and GCash plans have a contracted period of 24 months.

How Do I Renew My Globe Postpaid Plan via GlobeOne?

If you want to subscribe to a new postpaid plan and actively keep an eye on the status, you can download the GlobeOne app and follow the instructions below.

    1. Download and open the GlobeOne app

Existing subscribers can download and subscribe to the postpaid subscription of their choice using the GlobeOne app. Download GlobeOne from the Play Store or App Store and sign up for an account. Once you have your details synced, you can scroll down to the ‘Current Plan’ tab and check your registered contact details.

    2. Check for any possible remaining balance

Remember that all your previous balances need to be settled before you can be eligible to subscribe to a new postpaid plan. To check if your account is in the clear, head to the main menu and click ‘Billing’ to determine the status of your account. The pending balance on the screen should be zero.

    3. Hit the ‘Renew my plan’ button

Once you’ve met all the requirements, you can now subscribe to the postpaid plan of your choice by submitting a renewal request. From here, there will be a link available that will be charged to your account.

    4. Upgrade or downgrade at any time

With the GlobeOne app, you have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your postpaid plan at any time.

How Do I Renew My Globe Postpaid Plan Online?

Renewing your postpaid plan online is made simple with these easy steps:

    1. Click the renewal link

To get started, head over to Globe’s postpaid plan renewal page

    2. Select your preferred plan

Select the plan you want to subscribe to and review the details carefully. You can also include add-ons to your liking before clicking on the ‘Renew your plan’ button.

    3. Verify your account

The next step will redirect you to a page where you need to verify your account details and complete your request. Once completed, submit the form and wait for an email and SMS confirmation.

    4. Track it with GlobeOne

Keep track of your plans with the GlobeOne app at any time and get notified when your next bill arrives.

Convenience at Your Fingertips

Globe’s postpaid plans offer several bonuses for their subscribers that truly make it hard to say no to. At the same time, the offers are accessible through mobile and online platforms for your convenience.

Sign up today and enjoy exclusive offers and promos from Globe’s select partners nationwide.

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