Tech Thursday: Huawei P10 and P10 Plus

It's still the best camera phone out there

The Basics

Since partnering with German camera label Leica, Huawei has earned a reputation for being the best camera phone in the market, and we don’t disagree. But Huawei wins in other areas, too, i.e., multiple-tab web browsing, and chug- and stutter-free 3D gaming and video streaming. The same features are carried over to the brand’s latest releases, the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus and with more to offer. Now the only question is, which one should you get?


Our first impressions? The P10 has a sleek and solid design, and is easier to handle/hold compared to its predecessors. Its fingerprint scanner is now found on the front and if you’re used to finding it at the back, you might fumble with it a few times and confuse it for a home button screen. The rear design is also worth mentioning as it comes in various dazzling colors and looks really beautiful thanks to its Hyper Diamond Cut technology—which is what gives it a reflective metallic effect.

As for the features, the P10 now has an expandable storage (yay, more photos!), pretty good battery life (3,200mAh) and performance.

P10 Plus

The P10 Plus is similar to the P10 on a number of aspects. But comparing them side-by-side, one will immediately notice that the P10 Plus has a larger display at 5.5 inches and the P10 at 5.1 inches, while the former's rear design is smoother in surface. Both phones have the fingerprint scanner at the front (quick user tips: short press to go Back, long press to go the Homescreen and swipe left or right to get an apps Overview). Its key features include, faster performance, security features, like App Lock and File Safe (so you don’t have to worry about your family or friends going through your phone and seeing things they’re not supposed to), audio performance and a better camera than the P10. It’s also important to note that the P10 Plus is splash proof but not waterproof, so make sure not to take it with you in the water!

Huawei P10

Huawei P10 Plus

Unboxing and Accesories

We were only able to unbox the P10, which comes in a sleek white pacakging with a two-door box that makes it easier to take the phone out of the box. The accessories are not much to talk about as it comes with the usual: a charger and earphones.



Real Talk

Both the P10 and P10 Plus are great phones, but the difference comes down to the display and camera. While both feature full HD displays, the P10 is brighter, more colorful and has a higher resolution. So if a vivid display is what you're after, then we'd say go for the P10 Plus.

Now about that camera, the P10 and P10 Plus both have impressive Leica-made front and rear cameras (with a 20-megapixel monochrome plus a 12-megapixel color unit resulting in crisp and highly detailed images) and a better camera system, i.e., in selfie mode, the camera automatically blurs the background (Bokeh effect) and zooms in or out when there are passersby in the background, 3D Facial Detection, Hybrid Zoom, Embedded ISP and Dynamic Illumination. And while both have adjustable camera settings, the P10 Plus has more fun features and an optically-stabilised Leica Summilux F/1,8 lenses.

At the end of the day the P10 and P10 Plus cameras take great photos, are fast and more accurate to focus and have minimal shutter lag. It's just a matter of how detailed you want your photos to be. We've also taken photos using both cameras and the same settings to help you decide.

The Verdict

If you're looking for a phone that offers a great camera and camera features, then Huawei's P10 and P10 Plus are among the better options in the market. Low-light perfromance can still be improved, but other than that we can't contest that the brand's Leica-made cameras produce double-tap worthy photos—selfies included! Phone performance is notable (play games and stream videos lag-free) with clever features such as the fingerprint scanner and the full HD display is just bright and beautiful. So in the digital and highly visual age we live in, the question really is, which Huawei phone are you thinking of getting? 

Both the P10 and P10 plus have an automatic feature where the camera will digitally zoom in and out to widen the image if a friend steps into/out of the shot. Pretty cool if you ask us!

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Shot at the Globe Studios Chroma Studio

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