Internet Cafes Should Become a Thing Among Gamers Again

Remember the original U.B.E (ultimate bonding experience) for high schoolers in the early 2000’s?



Let’s throw it back to Counter Strike, Ragnarok online, DOTA, Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft and Left4Dead. For a moment let’s reminisce about all-time favorites, like Blueskies and Him5 and other internet cafes, the sights, the sounds, and the swarm of high school and college students.


Beneath the facade of gamers being brought together by their shared interest are themes and valuable lessons like camaraderie, an insight into tactics, strategy, team work and team dynamics (as cheesy as it all sounds).


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The Internet cafe scene back in the day also had a way of bringing barkadas closer; friends who initially thought they knew everything about each other and then went to play a video game know this all too well.


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There’s a saying that goes: “To uncover a man’s character, lend him money or get him drunk.” Perhaps it can be said the third option is to get them in a heated game of DOTA with you. Now that stuff is telling.


These make up just some of the countless bonding moments you cannot put a price on. Here, the great things about playing video games at Internet cafes we implore you to relive as well (ideally after homework and attending to studies are through, of course).


You end up making friends with other players in the shop.

 Step out with more friends than when you stepped in.


You learn new and different techniques from other players.

 By observation when you play with them or when you play against them.


Harmless trash-talking is different when you’re in the same room with your buds. 

 The operative word here is harmless though, okay?


No one asks you to keep it down. 

 Enjoy your DOTA victories without having to worry about volume control.

You forster a sense of healthy competition among friends.

 You are taught how to separate play with personal (walang pikunan and friends pa rin after).


It’s safe to say this comes with a sense of community as well. 

 Online and in real life.


At internet cafes, especially ones near universities and colleges, the established payment systems are student-friendly. 

 It is, first and foremost, the ideal communal space to accomplish research, schoolwork and other academic activities that require an internet connection.


They serve cheap but good, low-maintenance food. 

 These include everybody’s favorite lutong bahay meals like tapsilog. The same goes for beverages.


These 24/7 hubs were even considered home away from home for some. 


Gather your high school buddies and go for a round of DOTA again maybe?


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