5 Things We Know About iOS 12 So Far

And they might just have you reaching out for the newest Apple device

iPhone and iPad users know what it’s like when a badge pops up on their screens notifying them of an iOS update. There’s a mix of anticipation and excitement over the new features and fixes, as well as a slight fear that the upgrade might just mess up the settings they’ve already gotten used to. Whatever the reason, there’s always a cause for noise among loyal users.

It’s normally a big deal because notable changes happen on an iPhone and iPad device whenever a major iOS release is downloaded. Several software upgrades are provided and while there may be a few hiccups at first, smaller versions of the iOS that follow resolve these issues.

The most recent iOS 11 introduced big changes, particularly with the notifications from the lock screen as well as the introduction of the Control Center. But there’s more improvements and features coming for the next major release: iOS 12.

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Here are some of what we’re looking forward to, which might just give you more reason to shop around for an iOS device: 

1. Performance Upgrade

Apple has doubled down on performance in the upcoming iOS 12, ideally making both iPhones and iPads significantly faster and more responsive. This is particularly good news for those still using older models since this affects users all the way down to 5S and iPad Air. 

According to Apple, devices will be 50 to 70 percent faster at specific tasks, with twice the speed in opening apps even under heavy workload. Users will also be able to launch the camera instantly to take photos of fleeting moments they don’t want to miss. The keyboard will also reportedly appear quicker to send instant messages faster. 

These particular features have the tendency to slow down in older devices, but iOS 12 is set to change all that. 

2. Multitasking on FaceTime

Conference calls can now be made a breeze with a huge change coming to the FaceTime feature as the iOS upgrade will allow users to speak to up to 32 participants in one call. The interface, might take a little time to get used to with all those faces in one screen, but a particular tile is set to resize when a participant is speaking to make things easier. 

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This new feature also allows Group FaceTime right from a group thread on messages, with members given the option to join active conferences at any time. 

3. More Camera Effects

Taking photos is about to get more enjoyable with the upcoming iOS 12. A new camera feature will have built-in effects that can be used while in Messages. Filters, shapes, sticker packs and text effects will also be available in order to add more color to chat conversations. 

4. A More Immersive AR Experience

One of the major components coming to iOS 12 is ARKit 2, which makes it possible for third-party developers to create a more immersive augmented reality experience for users. This is done by recognizing objects in the real world and how the device is oriented to them. 

5. A Better Animoji Game

For those that love emojis on the iPhone X, you can now up your Animoji game with a new feature: Memoji. Set to match your personality and mood, users can take advantage of Memojis and use it as an avatar for both Messages and FaceTime. 

Four new Animojis will also be added into the mix. The ghost, koala, tiger and T-Rex are sure to add more fun into regular conversations. Get ready to wink and stick your tongue out with more expressive Animojis!

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As one of the biggest names in the tech industry, Apple continuously pushes itself to be the best when it comes to their products. And with the highly anticipated release of the next big iOS update, you can expect a more pleasant user experience that sets Apple apart from its competition.

So if you’re not yet on board, you still have time to shop for the iPhone and iPad of your choice and reap the benefits of this major software upgrade.

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