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📱 iPhone 11 & 11 Pro: Everything You Should Know - go!

Capture, Curate, Create Your Kind of Perfect with the iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 has arrived for the authentic, uncompromising creators

Everything is content. From the food we eat and the music we listen to, to the places we go and the outfits we wear—every aspect of our life is a fragment of a story waiting to be told. Content creation has long surpassed being a hobby. It’s a way to remember, a way to enjoy, a way to express. Here and now, it’s a way of life.

Arriving on the scene as the latest content creation companion, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are finally hitting Philippine shores this month. Equipped with new features, fresh colorways and improvements all around, the iPhone 11 allows us to capture, curate, and create our own definition of perfection.


Curious about the newest Apple release? Discover the best features of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro up ahead!

Ready, Set, Shoot!

Image via Apple

Fresh perspectives await. Fitted with 12MP Wide and Ultra Wide cameras, the iPhone 11 models are changing the experience of taking photos and capturing videos as we know it. Smart HDR technology promises impressive photo quality, while Portrait Mode gets an upgrade with six effects and advanced bokeh. The iPhone 11 Pro comes with a third lens: a Telephoto lens for superior portraits and increased zoom capability. Turn your everyday into digital, true-to-color memories.

The developments for video are equally exciting. Capture the nitty-gritty details sharp and clear with 720p HD, 1080p and 4K quality at 24, 30 or 60 fps. No adventure will go undocumented—even the most high-adrenaline, thrill-seeking journeys—with cinematic video stabilization, stabilized time-lapses and continuous autofocus.

Long Live the 11

Capture, curate and create without setbacks. The iPhone 11 promises all-day battery life, while the iPhone 11 Pro delivers up to four more hours of usage than the iPhone X. Both models are capable of wireless charging and fast-charging, meaning less waiting around and more time to chase creativity. 

20/20 Vision, Made Better

A new and improved display, a new and improved worldview. See life in rich, uncompromised quality with the iPhone 11’s 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD display. A new benchmark is set with the iPhone 11 Pro’s Super Retina XDR screen. Apple’s sharpest display yet, the 5.8” OLED display brightens in sunlight and brings colors, shapes and movement to life.

The (Water) Resistance

Typically, smartphones turn out to be a just-add-water disaster—but the iPhone 11 promises to be an exception to the rule. If the iPhone 11 can resist depths of 2 meters and the Pro 4 meters for half an hour, how would the inevitable coffee or soda spill stand a chance? Worry less, enjoy more.

Color Play

Colors can speak volumes about a person’s likes, dislikes, mood, and personality. The iPhone 11 series dwells on the importance with self-expression with its assortment of colorways. The iPhone 11 comes in the classic Black and White, as well as vibrant Yellow, unique Green, show-stopping Red and a soft pastel Purple. The Pro, on the other hand, comes in Midnight Green, Gold, Silver, and Space Gray.

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Words Cessi Treñas

Art Alex Lara

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