What We Know So Far About the iPhone 13 Release this 2021

Apple is changing the game once more

From its first model to the latest iPhone 12, Apple has come a long way. Year after year, the tech giant has everyone on the edge of their seats waiting for the latest Apple product releases. This year is no different, with the iPhone 13 slated to hit the market soon.

Despite still being several months away, tech communities are already buzzing about the new smartphone lineup. When does the new iPhone come out? What will it look like? What new features are we getting? How much will it be?

While there are no official statements or announcements from Apple yet, there have already been several leaks and rumors about the upcoming iPhone 13. From possible design changes and new features, here is everything you need to know about the new iPhone 13 before its hotly anticipated release.

When is the iPhone 13 coming out?

Apple typically follows a pattern when it comes to launching a new line of products to the market. Based on what we know about iPhone 12 and other previous releases, you can expect the new iPhone release date to be around September 2021 for its US release.

Following this logic, there is a month-long waiting gap before they officially hit the shelves in the Philippines and other countries. Thankfully, you can opt for pre-orders once Apple begins preparing for its launch before the US release.

What features can you expect?

Rumors suggest that the new line of iPhones will not feature any significant design changes to its 2020 predecessor. However, the four anticipated devices are said to have different sizes, with the iPhone 13 Pro Max models slightly larger.

You can expect camera improvements like LiDAR sensors, along with a new portrait video mode. Additionally, a 5G modem chip from Qualcomm and a speedier A-series processor will significantly improve user experience and the product's performance and battery efficiency.

Apple may also be introducing the 120Hz LTPO displays for the iPhone 13 Pro models, along with an in-display fingerprint sensor. This feature will act as an alternative to biometric authentication, providing more security than the iPhone 12.

How much will the iPhone 13 Cost?

While Apple has yet to confirm the price range for the iPhone 13 lineup, you can expect them to cost as much as the iPhone 12 series or a little more. Much like the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 13 Mini will most likely be its cheapest option, starting anywhere around Php 44,000. Meanwhile, the iPhone 13 Pro is expected to be the most expensive option, with a starting price of Php 87,000 or more.

Apple is changing the game once more.

The iPhone 13 is expected to bring new features to enhance its efficiency with the latest cutting-edge technology. However, as of now, nothing is set in stone, and all you can do is wait until Apple makes its official announcements.

In the meantime, while waiting for the release in September, you can read more about all the Apple product releases for the rest of the year. Need an upgrade asap? Here’s a brief guide to  compare iPhone models to make shopping for a new smartphone easier. 

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