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Tech Thursday: iPhone 8 Plus Accessories For Style & Protection | go! | Globe

Tech Thursday: iPhone 8 Plus Accessories For Style & Protection

Make sure your new flagship is fashionable yet functional

Opting to buy a new smartphone is not a joke; it’s more like a research paper that has a very real—and expensive—result. You look at the specs, the design, its features and its price before heading to the store and making that purchase. But even when the phone is already in your hand, you have to do everything you can to make sure the unit lasts for as long as possible.

The iPhone 8 was officially launched earlier in September and it has been doing well in the market thus far. But because it is relatively new, it can be hard to find the right accessories that you know will protect it without sacrificing design and aesthetic. Enter: The Impact Protection series from Rhinoshield.


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Rhinoshield Impact Protection CrashGuard Bumper Case

The Rhinoshield Bumper Case is perfect for those that want to protect their iPhone 8, but want the unit’s aesthetic and design to still shine through. Because the case only covers the outer edges of the device, its natural minimalist look is complemented instead of overshadowed. 


But the Bumper Case itself is strong and even exceeds military drop test standards. It’s lightweight and easy to grip material also make the iPhone 8 easier to handle—especially for those of us with slippery fingers.





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The case itself has a slim profile that hugs the iPhone just right. But while it’s easy to slip the unit into the accessory, its reinforced corners make it secure and durable.


Rhinoshield Impact Protection Screen Protector

Apple users know exactly how heartstopping it is to drop an iPhone. There’s always that split second hesitation before picking it back up in order to check whether the screen is scratched, cracked or even shattered. But with the Rhinoshield Screen Protector, these worries will cease to exist. Just see it in action when compared to the generic tempered glass protector as seen below. Their opponent? A metal ball dropped from a height of two feet.



Rhinoshield’s Screen Protector is fingerprint resistant, scratch resistant and absorbs about five times more impact energy than its competition. It’s high strength, impact dampening and yet only as thick as three sheets of printer paper—you’ll hardly even notice that it’s on.



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The Verdict

The Impact Protection series from Rhinoshield boasts a lot about durability and strength—and carries through 100 percent. Despite drop-ball testing, scratches and daily use, it not only kept the unit protected but protected itself as well. It’s perfect for the clumsy, the accident-prone and the over-careful.


There is no question about whether or not the product is worth the price tag. The question is how quickly can you get your hands on it.



Rhinoshield Impact Protect is available in Globe stores and on


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