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Dear Apple, Here’s What We Want On The iPhone 8

What’s on your iPhone wishlist?


A new year means a new iPhone eventually down the line. And with the launch of the latest iPhone a month or so ago, Apple is going to be hard pressed to top the controversial yet landmark iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus added a ton of great features and usability to the phone (while getting rid of some—*cough* headphone *cough* jack), giving iOS newbies and hardcore fans something to enjoy. With the coming iPhone 8, here are some of the things we’re hoping they’ll add.


Wireless Compatibility

Okay so let’s just get this out of the way. The iPhone 7 was controversial for not having a headphone jack, but you have to admit the idea of wireless earphones is intriguing. We get where they were going—they’re less in the way and are more portable. The problem though was that the AirPods were sold separately, which is what the community really had a problem with. If Apple’s going to continue with this innovation, the least they can do is have one of the best parts of the phone come with it.



The removal of the headphone jack was helpful because it allowed the phone to have a larger battery and also made the phone more airtight. Thus, the “waterproof” smartphone was born, though the iPhone 7 sank just short of being able to swim. It’s only waterproof enough to survive an accidental drop into a pool of water, but won’t survive extended submersion, depth, or vigorous movement in water. If the iPhone 8 can surpass those limits, with the hallmark camera quality of the brand it could have uses as an underwater camera. Snorkeling selfies anyone?


A Better Screen

Rumor has it that Apple is considering switching to OLED screens. With the addition of an OLED screen, the phone would use less battery and be brighter and lighter. Hopefully in the iPhone’s next iteration, this is possible without compromising the phone’s thickness. Apple has been doing a good job of this over the years, with each new iPhone becoming lighter and thinner. With a new screen and the removal of some of the less popular bloatware that usually comes with iPhones, we can see a full charge lasting far longer than any competition.


Curved Edges and Edge-to-Edge Screen

This is something that’s been coming for a long time in the iPhone, with other brands already adapting the design, most notably Samsung. Screens are getting bigger and the edges are getting smaller for the Apple smartphone, so it’s only a matter of time before the phone’s screen has to expand without sacrificing bulk. Along with the product possibly switching to OLED screens and more rumors of a glass body makes this idea totally plausible. Jony Ive, Chief Designer of Apple, said back in June that he envisions an iPhone that looks and seems like a single sheet of glass, and if we’re lucky the iPhone coming out in 2017 might just be the one that realizes this.


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