The iPhone X: Is It Worth The Plunge?

Looking at specs, design, features and—of course—pricing 

There’s no denying that the tech industry was revolutionized when Apple introduced the first iPhone a decade ago. Since then, every release of the Cupertino-based tech giant captured all eyes and ears of the market—and rightfully so. Which is why, as the iPhone’s 10th anniversary inched closer and closer, there were big expectations for what we now know to call the iPhone X.

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In total, the iPhone X weighs just 174 grams and measures 5.64 inches x 2.79 inches x 0.30 inches. The iPhone X sports a 5.8 inch Super Retina screen, which is also the first OLED screen in Apple’s tried-and-tested history. Underneath the hood, the device is run by the A11 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture and an embedded M11 motion coprocessor, which makes it the most powerful flagship that Apple has ever released.

Both the rear cameras have optical image stabilization and fast lenses, which means outstanding photo and video quality—even in low light.


The iPhone X debuts Apple’s take on a virtually bezel-less design, as the screen covers almost every square millimeter of the unit’s face. This meant fitting in a 5.8 inch screen on a body that is only slightly larger than the non-Plus models of previous generations.

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With the iPhone X, Apple has also brought back its glass body. But while this may be a beautiful cause for concern, the device was built only with the most durable glass ever to touch a smartphone: Surgical-grade stainless steel.


The top notch serves a great purpose as it exists almost primarily for the iPhone X’s Face ID feature. The new tech serves as a replacement to Touch ID and uses infrared cameras to scan the user’s face and thereby unlock the device. Of course, you could always opt to deactivate Face ID.

But with Face ID comes two other handy features. Previous generations of the iPhone required users to choose between privacy (hiding notification content) and convenience (allowing notification previews). But with the new security feature, sensitive information is automatically hidden and expands only when the user’s face is detected.

The second is that Face ID allows for some attention-aware features. Looking away from the screen will dim the display and the recognition of your face will also lower volume since the iPhone X will know that you’re nearby.

The new design of the anniversary iPhone also allows a more efficient way of switching between apps. Much like the track pad of the MacBook, swiping left or right easily takes you from one app to the next. Meanwhile, the body allows wireless charging and is water and dust resistant.


Much like all of Apple’s flagships, the iPhone X comes with a rather hefty price tag. It starts at P64,490 if you buy it from the Apple Store, which is definitely no joke. But with the specs, new design and the features that come with it, the investment is a smart one to make.

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