Tech Thursday: KEF MUO Wireless Speaker

Tried, tested and trusted, this speaker proves to be leagues ahead of its competitors

Life is better with music—best when enjoyed in high definition. But when it comes to shopping for a speaker to do those soundtracks some serious justice, it’s easy to stumble across and buy into products that overpromise but underdeliver or perform well during an initial in-store test drive but falter once used in a different setting (with far trickier acoustics to boot).

For too long audiophiles have had to make do either with affordably priced speakers that give in after a couple of months or very cheap units that prove paying a little obviously does not give you a lot. So, here’s an invitation: to live a little and splurge a little but make that speaker purchase count for real this time.

Meet the KEF MUO Wireless Speaker, the best P14,000 you will ever spend. It’s a prime example that premium comes with a steep price tag, sure, but it makes for a sound investment you’ll thank yourself later for.

The wireless speaker from British specialty brand KEF fulfills all the items on the quality speaker checklist: offers outstanding sound quality, sturdy, designed to perform and portable. It’s small but powerful, lightweight but heavy-duty, simple in function, but unbelievably advanced in terms of technology.


Thumbs up for Inspired, Innovative Design

“A triumph of form marrying function, MUON is perhaps the most extraordinary loudspeaker ever conceived,” boasts KEF. “MUON is the result of KEF engineering prowess combining with world-class industrial design by Ross Lovegrove.” The MUO is essentially its miniature version. Further improved to eliminate unwanted “cabinet vibration,” the MUO Wireless Speaker is a meticulously assembled work art that seamlessly delivers clear, crisp sound.


So, This Is What State-Of-The-Art Sounds Like

KEF engineers have been working on this piece of technology for decades: a component to balance frequencies perfectly and craft three-dimensional audio. The brand shares: “This acclaimed technology delivers an astonishingly wide soundstage that fills a room with full-bodied, stunningly clear sound and reproduces the higher registers with pinpoint accuracy.”

Get 12-Hour Play Time

This portable speaker comes with a rechargeable battery capable of sustaining 12-hour play time. It automatically switches itself off, too, when not in use, an added feature to help prolong battery life. The unit requires three hours to fully recharge.

Crisp, Clear Sound

Designed to minimize sound interference, the MUO Wireless Speaker’s drive units only give treble output from the right-hand unit when placed horizontally. According to KEF, this “reduces interference to achieve a more non-directional and room-filling sound.”


A 10-Meter Bluetooth Range

AptX technology allows the MUO to produce and power “sweet, natural treble, fluid midrange and clean, tightly controlled bass.” That’s KEF speak for a clear, high-definition connection through and through featuring Bluetooth coverage that’s wider than that of a standard portable speaker.

You can get the KEF MUO Wireless Speaker (which retails for P14,000) at the Globe Shop.

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