Kingdom Hearts: Union X [Cross] Is Your Next Mobile Game Obsession

We’re loving the Square Enix take on Disney for mobile!



Ever since Square Enix released Kingdom Hearts for the PlayStation, it has been a staple in thousands of gamers’ libraries. In many ways, the story of Sora, Donald and Goofy has become common ground for players of different generations and styles.

 And now, the Disney and Final Fantasy-filled worlds are available on mobile.

A different face

For the first time, Square Enix is allowing us to customize our own characters. Without the requirement of controlling Sora or Roxas, we’re free to choose hair color, face shape, clothing and even gender. It’s a refreshing change that’s perfect for mobile.


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Familiar gameplay

Kingdom Hearts: Union X [Cross] perfectly captures the signature gameplay of the franchise. Your named character will wield a Keyblade just like Sora in order to fight the Heartless whether big or small. The familiar gauges that are signature KH are still seen in the corners of the screen and filling them up will allow you to launch a special attack.


New features

To make it more optimized for mobile, however, there are some notable differences in Kingdom Hearts: Union X [Cross]. Tapping on the Heartless means you attack the particular enemy and tapping on a random point in the screen during battle will automatically hit the enemy closest to you. Meanwhile, swiping across the screen allows you to damage all opponents.


There are also quests to finish before you can move on to the next world or stage. And instead of fighting directly with certain characters, you can equip Medals featuring the Disney and Final Fantasy characters. These Medals allow you to call on others’ strength when necessary.


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New worlds

Veteran Kingdom Hearts players will enjoy exploring familiar worlds, but the new setup offers an entirely new experience. Wonderland, the Coliseum and Agrabah are all in there. There are, however, new worlds to explore, too. Get lost in the story of Cinderella, Snow White and so many other Disney classics.

Fight the darkness

True to its franchise, Kingdom Hearts: Union X [Cross] is all about finding the light inside you and fighting off the darkness. Cheesy? Yes. Still effective? Definitely.

 Download Kingdom Hearts: Union X [Cross] from the Play Store and the App Store

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