LG Q6: The Pros, The Cons & Why It Could Be For You

Because it does the job and a little more



Smartphones these days have gotten more and more advanced (read: sometimes complicated) to cater our modern-day needs. And while we all literally await the next big release of the more popular mobile phone brands, there are the more quiet players that offer quality and convenience at a more affordable price range.


Enter the LG Q6: a midrange mobile phone that features a FullVision display, a pretty impressive rear-facing camera and more that honestly couldn’t have come at a cheaper price (see what we mean here). Now that we have your full attention, here’s an overview:

Pros Cons
Unofficially, it’s like a mini G6; it is after all, the company’s midrange take on the 2017 flagship smartphone No fingerprint sensor, but TBH, we don’t think this is too big a deal
5.5 inch FullVision display is great for multimedia, like watching movies and playing games Though durable, the plastic rear is prone to scratches so best to get a hardwearing phone case
For the price, the 13MP camera quality is good, as well as fast to boot, while the 5MP front-facing camera allows users to swap between regular and wide-angle orientation easily Not suitable for all 3D games
The design is nearly bezel-free for those who’re looking for a seamless experience  
With a 3,000mAh battery, the LG Q6 can survive a full day of use, though watching HD videos will leave you at about 20% to 16% of battery left at the end of the day  

On Battery Life

Though battery life as we said is good, it does vary from user to user (due to use or content consumption habits). So if you watch videos and play games in between, you’ll probably nearly zero out the battery at night. Interestingly, if you leave it dormant during the weekend, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that you’ll be left with more than 80% battery life.

Meanwhile, to fully charge the LG Q6, it takes about an hour and a half.


On the Camera

In the right hands, the LG Q6’s camera can do so much: well-lit shots come out as they should and selfies look good in regular and wide-angle views. Though when it comes to low light performance, you can’t expect much.



On Other Things You Might Want To Know

It’s not waterproof and, as mentioned above, while the LG Q6 is sturdy, the plastic rear scratches quite easily.


So why buy it?

Aesthetically, the LG Q6 is as sleek as they come with the taller aspect ratio being a noteworthy feature. It also works well with most apps, and features a fun and highly capable camera.


So if you want a phone that covers the basics and a little more, this phone could be for you. But if, say you’re a shutterbug or you literally do everything on your phone, then you might want to consider a higher end unit.


Shop the LG Q6 here.

Image via lg.com

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