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Mac or Windows: Which One is For You? - go!

Mac or Windows: Which One is For You?

Here’s how to choose the most suitable OS for your needs

Tech giants put out new and updated versions of their devices every year. Take Apple, for example, who continuously releases new models and updates to improve user experience. Through constant innovation, they’re now one of the biggest brands in the tech market!

But Windows doesn’t fall behind, as they also release yearly upgrades to provide better digital sidekicks. Due to their constant improvements, everyone seems to look forward to the never-ending war of Mac vs. Windows. Each operating system has its advantages and disadvantages, that’s why it’s challenging to choose which one to buy. If you're looking to purchase a new computer, this guide will help you determine which OS suits you best.

The Ease of Use of With macOS

macOS - iMac

1. User-friendly interface

The macOS is best suited for casual users thanks to its user-friendly design. A MacBook Pro, for example, has a user interface similar to what you'll find on iMac, iPad and iPhone. Apple also creates its own hardware and software, making it easier to optimize the user experience according to what's been developed on both ends.

2. Strength against security threats

One factor that is said to help with Mac's security is that all the apps on the App Store went through rigorous tests to ensure that no suspicious programming or malware gets included upon downloading. While this doesn't mean that Macs are impenetrable, it does ensure that both your hardware and sensitive data have additional layers of protection!

3. Innovatively designed productivity apps

The macOS comes with useful apps for productivity. For example, Apple has its version of the office suite and comes with apps made for creatives: iMovie to edit videos, iPhoto to edit photos and GarageBand for music creation.

4. Mobile device integration

A big part of your everyday life revolves around your mobile phone, which Apple absolutely understands. For example, you can share your photos across all your other Apple devices through the Apple Photos app, transfer files to other Apple users with AirDrop and unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch.

5. Superb customer service

Apple is well-known for its customer service. In general, Apple is doing a great job backing up its products after-sales.

The Functionality of Windows

Windows laptop

1. Price flexibility and customization

Unlike Apple, which is primarily in control of its hardware and software, several companies manufacture Windows-based devices. Providers such as Dell and Acer have a wide range of Windows laptops at different price points, giving consumers more options. At the same time, Windows enthusiasts can also build their own unique PC setup!

One great thing about desktops is that components get sold separately, giving you the freedom to customize. If you're looking to build a powerful rig, opt for top-tier parts for a smooth experience. Read more on our PC building guide to make a computer that can handle all your needs!

2. The go-to choice for gamers

Is gaming your passion? Then Windows should definitely be your go-to option. In terms of hardware and OS compatibility, there are just far more games available on Windows devices. So if you want to play competitive games like Dota 2, or go for something more laid back such as Stardew Valley, then getting a Windows-powered device is a no-brainer. 

But always remember that no matter how capable your computer’s specs may be, these won’t matter if your internet connection is shaky. Fortunately, you can power your gaming sessions with Globe Broadband for a lag-free experience! Check out this quick guide to find that Globe At Home Postpaid Plan that can fit your needs best.

3. Upgradability and performance

Windows-based devices are easier to upgrade and configure. Depending on your needs, you can switch out almost all desktop components for better ones. When buying PCs, you have more options—processors, cases, memory, ports, displays and more.

The upgradable components, such as the display, make it easy to do activities like streaming your favorite shows and music at home.

4. Accessibility

Windows has consistently prioritized making its software accessible for people with disabilities. For example, a blind person can set up the system by voice. The Windows 10 update of May 2019 added accessibility improvements like a new dashboard, more languages and drawing in Paint using just the keyboard.

5. Lower price tag

Due to the larger competitive landscape, tech companies continuously favor their consumers’ needs and give competitive prices. That’s why Windows laptops are cheaper to service, especially if a hardware component fails.

The Verdict

When buying a new computer, factor in the device’s durability and not just because it's cheap or looks fancy. After all, purchasing a laptop is an investment, so you might as well choose one that will give you the most out of your budget. With that said, the final verdict is: the best operating system ultimately depends on your requirements. 

Take some time to reflect on your needs. If you need a device for work or casual use, Mac is the way to go. Its powerful and user-friendly interface will give you a seamless time browsing the web, and its ability to integrate with other Apple devices will redefine your overall productivity. But if you’re looking to get your game on, then Windows is, undoubtedly, the undisputed option. Its ability to run demanding programs with ease will ensure that you acquire the best gaming experience possible while also focusing on work.

Elevate Your Digital Lifestyle!

The Mac vs. Windows debate will go on as long as the two companies continuously innovate their products to fit the people’s demands for something better. However, remember that each OS has pros and cons, so do your research and see which features you need before investing.

Staying connected is one of the best uses for your next computer purchase. So make sure that you never go offline again with Globe's GoSURF and Globe At Home Broadband Plans!

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