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How To Manage Your Internet Connection More Conveniently

Track and boost as you see fit

The age of technology has brought us some really great innovations. Things like the internet, smartphones and tablets, which were almost unimaginable some decades ago, are now used in almost every aspect of our daily lives. But while we reap the benefits of our generation, we also struggle in having to balance a digital lifestyle with the many services that are still stuck in the analog age.

We’ve all been there: Lost bills, long lines, wasted time and mountains upon mountains of paper work. Wouldn't it be great if we could leave the more mundane tasks to someone or something else?

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And this is exactly where the Globe At Home app comes in for your Globe At Home plan. It allows you to efficiently and conveniently oversee your internet usage to ensure proper management of your account, track how much data is left and easily get more data as you need it.

And it’s easy to use. Can anyone say track and boost?

Step 1: Download the app

The Globe At Home mobile app is available for iOS and Android users.


Step 2: Account registration

Simply enter the account or landline number of your Globe Postpaid Broadband account and choose whether you want the verification code to be sent via SMS or email, which you’ll then enter into the app. You can also opt to answer a few security questions. After the verification process, you’ll only need to input a four-digit pin and you’re pretty much good to go.


Step 3: Enjoy

In the dashboard of the app, you can easily see your outstanding balance, as well as a summary of your data history. Displayed there is also the option to purchase a volume boost should you need it. And since basic billing details are always within sight, you can always work within your budget.


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Make analog a thing of the past. Go digital with the Globe at Home mobile app.

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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