Tech Thursday: Marshall Mid Bluetooth Headphones

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The Basics

For Marshall, a brand known for its excellent range of headphones and speakers, quality is not the question, but rather, which product suits your needs best. Earlier this year, Marshall came out with the Mid Bluetooth Headphones that honestly, we weren't sure would live up to its predecessor, the Marshall Major II Bluetooth. At first glance, the black on-ear pleather speakers with the brand's logo emblazoned on the ear cups seemed pretty basic. But if you think about it, its design is simple but versatile enough to be worn by metal heads and businessmen alike. And did we mention? They're foldable, too, so you can easily pack it for your travels. You also don't have to worry about BT connectivity as it pairs with various smartphones and connection is pretty solid. Meanwhile, the multi-function joystick can play, pause, skip a song and adjust the volume with a few nudges. Sharing music is also made possible through an open jack. Best of all, battery life will never be an issue as the Marshall Mid Bluetooth headphones boast over 30 hours of play time.



Marshall's headphones comes with a detachable 3.5MM cord and USB charging cable.


Real Talk

In terms of quality and design, we give the Marshall Mid Bluetooth Headphones two thumbs up. The ear cups though are quite small and with a snug padded fit that can feel a little tight on long listening sessions. And while these headphones have aptX support, it doesn't have near field communication (NFC) for one-touch pairing. Double-pressing the power button, however, quickly puts it into pairing mode.As for sound quality, it's good considering they're BT headphones.



The Verdict

Get the Marshall Mid Bluetooth Headphones if you're particular about sound quality. Even without an active noise cancelling feature, these on-ear speakers block out background noise. Pair that with excellent design, connectivity, battery life and music sharing capabiltiy and you have a winning product that will unexpectedly rock your world.



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Words Sarah Santiago

Photography and Art Alexandra Lara

Shot on location at the Globe Live Chroma Studio

Special thanks to JP Sawal and Mark Aspiras

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