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5 Meditation Apps to Help You Stay Calm - go!

Keep Calm and Download a Meditation App

Five mobile apps to consider to help you slow down, find your center and relax

In these trying times, more people are realizing the importance of meditation. A practice scientifically proven to reduce stress, temper anxiety and improve mental alertness, meditation does a lot to take the holistic approach to well-being to another level. The best part is it costs nothing to take up and the habit can be taken on by anyone and everyone—especially now that technology is a great aid in achieving this.

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With smartphone in hand and mediums like Lifetech showing us how technology can help our lifestyles, meditation is proving to be a shared experience by those in community quarantine. Meditation app usage has spiked during the coronavirus pandemic as people seek different ways to keep calm at home. 

What are the apps that come highly recommended? Scroll through, find out, download and get meditating.

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Ten Percent Happier Meditation

Available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

“I dare say if you were able to quantify how much 'bang for your buck' you can get out of any app out there—this has to be #1. I can’t even begin to describe how effective this little gem has been at helping me learn the basics of meditation, manage my stress, learn more about myself as a human and increase my overall wellbeing. I purchased this in May of 2019, it is now January 2020 and I will without a doubt renew next year’s subscription. I have a very stressful but rewarding job and was in the verge of burnout. Now, I feel in control and have been more productive than ever... The hardest part for me was getting in the habit of using this daily. Luckily they have SO MANY ways to integrate meditation and mindfulness into your daily life and tips to help you do it. The videos are wonderfully produced, sound quality is top-notch, the teachers are very knowledgeable, diverse and insightful. They are also funny and relatable and not just all a bunch of 'new-agey woo-woo!' I have my favorites and you will, too. This was the best app investment I’ve ever made. I highly recommend.”


Available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

“This app has helped me manage and overcome my depression and anxiety drastically. Whenever I felt anxious at any point, I would turn to the app to help calm and settle my anxiety. The app also helped push me to help myself overcome my depression and slowly but surely learn different ways to change my thought process and look at life in a completely different light. I used [it] up to three times a day when at my lowest as it really helped to comfort me and settle my anxiety, but I have slowly, over many months, reduced how often I use the app as I can now manage my mental health on my own. However, if ever I have a day where I hit a low mood, I can pick up a session to help give me a boost. There are so many different meditation sessions, animations and encouraging narratives designed to help different aspects of your life that are great to listen to and practice. This app has 100% helped me to manage my mental health for the better and has encouraged me to appreciate life. Cannot praise this app enough. Absolute life changer.” —user: Robert2296

Smiling Mind

Available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

“This is amazing. I have never seen any other app more free than this one. Disappointingly, other apps ask for money, as if happiness and tranquillity [cost] us money. However, a free gift is a true act of kindness. Maybe if you added different features to it, but seeing as this is free, well done. Thank you so much.” —Rukhsana Ahmad

Stop, Breathe & Think: Meditation & Mindfulness

Available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

“The app guides you through a 10-second check in on your emotional, physical and mental state. This is is very useful right now because we are all (2 adults, 2 teens) shut up in the house together 24/7 (apart from brief walks) due to a national Covid-19 lockdown. There's a choice of different meditation guides and you can choose from a range of different meditations based on what you said after your 10-second check-in. I'm finding self-compassion and kindness very useful right now!” —Karen Wilson

Endel: Focus, Sleep, Relax

Available on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.

“I give it 5 stars because I am sound sensitive and most apps like [this] can’t create music or sounds that work for me. These guys nailed it. I have a group of apps I dip into, depending on what I am in the mood for. And it is really nice that I could add this app to the mix. One last reason for the 5 stars? This app also gets into the smaller list of apps I am able to use for sleep. They should be proud...that is a huge accomplishment if you knew my brain!” —AstroGirlBunny

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Words Nicole Blanco Ramos

Art Alex Lara

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