Microsoft Surface Neo: What We Know So Far

For on-the-go users 

The tech world continues to bring exciting product releases with the mission to improve the way consumers live their lives and perform daily tasks. Considering the number of things people utilize the internet for, it’s only natural for devices to evolve into something that can help us multitask and take on more work on-the-go.

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That’s one of the things Microsoft had in mind with the introduction of their upcoming dual-screen laptop, the Surface Neo.

Yes, you read that right! Curious as to what it can do? Here’s what you tech-lovers out there can expect from this new device.

It’s a laptop-tablet hybrid

Depending on what you need to do, the Surface Neo can function as both a tablet and a laptop. Enjoy two full-screen apps, do multiple tasks at the same time or maximize the full-screen layout of the Neo when laid down flat on a table.

As for the specs, the two displays combined measure 13.1 inches with an 8.9mm seam. It weighs 1.4 lbs. (approx. 655 g) and is 5.6mm thick. With this portability, the Surface Neo is bound to be the go-to device for professionals that are constantly on-the-go.

It’s compatible with a magnetic keyboard

If you’re wondering how you can utilize its laptop function, the answer lies in its magnetic keyboard compatibility. Microsoft offers a full magnetic keyboard that attaches to one of the screens. You can slide it up or down, and the software will adjust to a trackpad and activate wireless charging.

The keyboard is also Bluetooth enabled, meaning you can use both screens and wirelessly connect the keyboard if you prefer. This neat feature allows for a more customized and versatile experience. Note that the keyboard doesn’t come with the unit and is sold separately.

It can rotate up to 360 degrees

Surface Neo’s strength truly lies in its flexibility. Not only can you use it as a laptop or tablet, but you can also fold it like a book or prop one side up. This seems to be another feature added in to make the device a multitasking and productivity powerhouse. 

Microsoft is known to create devices that have sophisticated yet sturdy hinges on their devices, so tech junkies have high hopes on how the final product will look like.

It runs on Windows 10X

Windows 10X is Microsoft’s latest operating system that’s built for dual screens. Expect a seamless software that intuitively adjusts to what you’re doing—whether you’re using it as a laptop or adjusting your magnetic keyboard to unveil the trackpad.

For Microsoft users already running Windows 10, it won’t be much of an adjustment—but the added features and support for the Neo will provide a more pleasant experience to the user.

Surface Neo Release Date 

The Surface Neo missed its 2020 release and Microsoft has yet to provide a new release date. The delay of Surface Neo was made to give Microsoft more time to optimize its strategy for Windows 10X, the software that Surface Neo will run on. 

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