Everything You Need To Know About The Mobile Legends Update

New look, new features and new heroes



Mobile Legends is arguably one of the most popular mobile games currently being played. While its premise is interesting enough, what really keeps players glued to their smartphones are the updates from game developer Moonton.


The most recent Mobile Legends update brought in several new additions to the game. Players not only have a new interface to get used to, but they’re introduced to new heroes as well. Read on to get the lowdown and prepare yourself for what’s ahead.



New interface

When Mobile Legends was first released, one of the biggest appeals was that it successfully brought MOBA gaming to smartphones. So while its UI was praised for this, there were arguably some issues in terms of cleanliness and visual appeal.


The new UI has taken these minor complaints into consideration and Moonton released a setup that is easier and more efficient to navigate. Even just looking at the homepage is a welcome change. The functions are neatly placed and segmented together so that the player can see more of the playing field.


New features

A new event has been released as well: Mystery Treasure. Players might find themselves a mystery treasure, which could contain skins and other such rewards. Each Lucky Treasure can be opened with 30 diamonds and each player can only unlock 10 during the event period. Consider yourself lucky if you come across one because there are only a certain number of them available.


The event start time will be announced later on.


New hero

What is arguably more exciting, however, are the new heroes. The first one is Karrie, priced at 499 Diamonds, BP 24,000. She is very gifted and went through intense training to become the warrior leader that she is now. Her skills include the Spinning Lightwheel (the flywheel will stay at the destination and cause damage as well as slow down enemies in its path) and Phantomstep (releases a lightwheel attack at the nearest opponent).




Then there is Eudora, whose default model and display special effects were improved. The attack and skills special effects were also optimized.


If you’ve been waiting to download the update, there’s no need to delay. The new Mobile Legends is crisp, clear and so worth it.

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