Moving In? First Apartment Tech Essentials to Check out Before You Do

Make your move count 

First job, first car, first time living alone or finally moving out of your childhood home: these are just some of the things regarded as milestones in adulthood. And nothing screams independence like putting down roots; in this day and age, that can mean ditching the traditional house and lot and moving into a high-rise.

The challenge of fitting all the things you might need in a smaller space may seem like a daunting task, but there’s nothing more to condo living than a little downsizing. Of course, dishware, personal care items and linens are given apartment essentials. A fridge here, an AC unit there are obvious parts of the deal. What else is there, you ask? Upgraded home essentials that will give you the best bang for your buck in the long run. Ahead, we round up snazzy space-saving, multifunctional and cost-cutting gadgets worth considering before you officially make your move.

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A Better-Equipped Extension Cord

Stock your new place with an extension cord that allows you to do away with bulky adaptors. With USB charging ports built right in, this kind of extension cord is a six-in-one deal—and steal—perfect for your condo’s work area, living room or bedroom.


HITRENDS Power Strip

AirTies for Strong WiFi and Connection Everywhere

Your first apartment calls for a faultless, foolproof connection…one you can easily get with AirTies WiFi Mesh. Since this gadget works to prioritize video signals over other internet traffic, you instantly get speedy and reliable connections for all those movies and TV shows and playing online games in high definition. If you’re absolutely fed up with internet dead zones, this reliable add-on is for you.

Buy AirTies with Broadband Plan 1299 Go Big or add AirTies to your existing Globe At Home Plan (with a monthly cash-out of only P150 for 24 months).


AirTies WiFi Mesh

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A High-Quality Microwave

Apartments situated smack dab in the middle of the metro come with perks like malls and commercial spaces within walking distance. While nothing beats a home-cooked meal, food delivery services, eating out and takeaway grub from nearby restaurants are the next best thing, which makes a trusty microwave a sound investment for your new condo. Take the Samsung Microwave Oven: it lets you heat or defrost food quickly and evenly.

Buy it now for P4,799.


Samsung ME731K 20L Microwave Oven

A Super Silent Tower Fan That’s Easy on Your Electric Bill

Here’s an alternative to the standard pedestal fans that’s a lot safer, too. A tower-type fan is bladeless, sleeker than the standing version, takes up fewer floor space and produces powerful wind power up to 20,000m/hour without the noise associated with regular fans.

Buy it now for P2,689.


Imarflex Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote

The Roku Streaming Stick

No longer feel you have use for a cable TV connection? You can still get your fill on movies, shows, documentaries and more and enjoy them on your own time with the Roku Streaming Stick. You even get to score access to hundreds of channels all for free on top of centralizing your Netflix, FOX+ and DisneyLife accounts. All you need is a WiFi connection, an HDMI-ready TV and the mobile app.

Buy the Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered with Broadband Plan 1299 Go BigBroadband Plan 1599 Go Big or Broadband Plan 1899 Go Big.


An LED Bedside or Reading Lamp

This one’s an essential whether you’re sprucing up a home office, a small work station or a counter next to your bed in your apartment. Why not opt for something that not only does the job at setting the mood or making bedside reading easier, but doubles as a bookstand for your current reading material?


LED Wood Lamp

Bonus: Secure Your Space with a Smart Lock

The DigitalHome Smart Deadbolt Lock is the way to go if you’re the type of person who constantly forgets or misplaces their house keys.

Following a convenient, one-time installment, this smart lock system allows you to enter your apartment using a pin code or using your mobile phone through a Bluetooth connection. You also get to control access by providing friends and family with unique passcodes and get to specify the type of access granted to them.

Buy it now for P8,800.


DigitalHome Smart Deadbolt Lock

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Thinking of doing a little last-minute shopping before the big move? The other great thing about the featured items is that they’re all shoppable online and can be shipped straight to your doorstep!

Words Nicole Blanco Ramos

Art Alex Lara

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