6 Must-Haves Devices for Your Dream Smart Home

Digitally optimized “smart homes” don’t only exist in the movies. Here’s a list of devices you need to build your ideal, connected home

Two words we never thought we’d see beyond sci-fi movies and novels: home automation. Despite how distant the idea of having a digitally optimized, fully automated home might seem, in reality, it’s a possibility within our reach. Through smart devices, you can automate several tasks or aspects of your home, elevate security and stay in control of your home, even when you aren’t at home.

Thankfully, Globe Connected Home devices make it simple. If you’re on the road to full home automation, here are some must-have gadgets to get you started:

Wi-Fi Hub


A good Wi-Fi hub is the foundation of any smart home. If you don’t have one already, the Samsung SmartThings WiFi Hub is an excellent item to start building your connected home with. 

The specs speak for themselves: the self-optimizing mesh Wi-Fi system allows it to eliminate dead zones, providing a strong and reliable home connection. It also comes with parental controls to monitor your household’s internet usage and is compatible with a wide range of intelligent home devices.

Smart Outlet


The most significant advantage of a home outlet is that it gives you better control over your energy consumption. With a Samsung SmartThings Home Outlet, you can easily switch your appliances on and off from the accompanying SmartThings app. You can even use the app to schedule your electrical devices for even better power management.

Multipurpose Sensor


Multipurpose sensors can boost your home’s security and make simple tasks more convenient. The way the Samsung SmartThings Sensor does this is by automating smart home outlets based on vibrations, temperature and motion. Once attached to windows and doors, the sensor transmits alerts when they are opened. It can also be used to switch on lights when entering a room or area. 

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Indoor Security Camera


Another smart device that can give you an extra layer of security is a security camera. The Samsung SmartThings Cam provides a high-resolution view of your home. 

Even more impressive, it includes state-of-the-art features like intruder movement detection and noise alerts. Through the companion app, you can easily monitor your home, access the 24-hour cloud storage of footage and even communicate with your loved ones using the device’s two-way audio.

Voice Assistant


Image Source: Amazon

If a Wi-Fi hub is the foundation of a smart home, then the voice assistant serves as the brain of the system. 

Amazon Echo or Google Assistant are two of the most popular choices for voice assistants due to their seamless integration with a wide range of intelligent device systems and voice command options. You can get more out of your SmartThings system while staying safe online through its query feature, as well.

Smart Thermostat


Image Source: ecobee

Always too warm or too cold? Having a smart thermostat is a great way to regulate the temperature in your home. The ecobee ecobee4 Thermostat lets you control how cool or hot you want a room to be through the SmartThings app. It also provides energy-saving reports based on usage and can be automated to turn on or off based on movement and more.

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Globe provides everything you need to jumpstart your smart home. Add the Globe Connected Home Starter Kit to your Globe At Home Plan to get your smart home essentials. The package already includes the assessment and installation of your devices by the experts from the Globe Tech Squad.

If you find yourself tired of managing every aspect of your home, make the upgrade to an intelligent, fuss-free home. With a new wave of devices and forward-thinking solutions, home life has never been this secure and easy.

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