Be of Help as MyKuya Helps You

Work through your quarantine to-do list (and give back while you’re at it!) with the MyKuya app

First it was ECQ, then MECQ and now GCQ.

It seems these strange times are getting only stranger. Just when we think we’re getting used to staying indoors, an insatiable longing for the outside kicks in again. Just when we kick the cabin fever to the curb, it creeps back with a vengeance. As we attempt to define the line between working from home and weekending, we find ourselves with either too much time to bake or binge-watch, or too little time to do the queue for necessities, do the groceries or pay our bills.

If you happen to find yourself identifying with the latter, we offer up a solution. Meet the MyKuya app.


MyKuya has been ready to help on the digital space from some time now, but the pandemic has given its existence a whole new meaning. In the space of a few months, businesses have closed and workers have been laid off. Job stability has become less of a reality and more of a privilege, but MyKuya brings new hope to the fore by opening jobs for displaced employees. Hire an ate or kuya to help you with your errands, and while you’re at it, be of help to those who need it. 

Discover some of the services you can avail of with the MyKuya app ahead!

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Messenger, Your On-Call Mailman

If you’ve got a document, package or parcel that you need to deliver, look no further: MyKuya’s Messenger feature provides you the means to do so without having to leave the safety of home. Transport your items with the help of the app’s messengers, who hand-deliver goods (while complying with COVID-19 safety protocol, of course!). The best part? You can even schedule pick-ups and deliveries across multiple locations.

Assistant on Bike, Your Assistant on Wheels

If you’ve got a lot on your plate but have a growing to-do list hanging over your head, opt for the Assistant on Bike on the MyKuya app. These ates and kuyas are equipped to beat the Metro Manila traffic and get the job done. A tip: For the duration of the MECQ, be prepared to hand off the funds needed to accomplish your task, as the service providers may not have the P1,000 petty cash they are normally provided.

Grocery Delivery, for Doorstep Delivery

If you find yourself making multiple trips to the grocery within the span of a week, it’s time to call on MyKuya’s Grocery Delivery service. Have your grocery list and payment ready, hand them off to your ate or kuya and patiently wait for your bagged groceries to arrive at your doorstep!

MiniStop Runner, for Convenience Store Necessities

If you don’t quite need to make a grocery run but still need something picked up from a convenience store, the MyKuya app still has you covered. Avail of their MiniStop runner service and have your service provider head over to the nearest MiniStop (or a branch of your choosing) to pick up the items you need. Like the Grocery Delivery service, purchased items will be delivered to your specified address in real time!

Personal Shopper, for Around-the-Mall Errands

If you’ve got a list of items to pick up around the mall, opt for one of MyKuya’s Personal Shopper services. In less than two minutes, find an ate or kuya to help you complete your tasks around SM Megamall, Ayala Malls Circuit, Glorietta, Greenbelt, Market! Market! or Serendra. Provide them with your instructions, exchange photos and track their progress on the MyKuya app! 

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Intrigued, curious or simply ready to help? Discover more about MyKuya by reading through their FAQs here! Download the app via the App Store or Google Play.

Are you a Globe Postpaid customer? Good news, you can enjoy a 10% rebate on MyKuya! Simply download the Rewards app to redeem your discount or to use your points for vouchers.

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Words Cessi Treñas

Art Matthew Fetalver

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