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Stay Up To Date On Current Events With These News Apps

Use these apps to stay up to date

Tuning into the internet or social media has its perks. But because just about anyone can post anything online, there's always that possibility that what you're consuming is fake news.

Now more than ever, it’s vital to be critical when it's comes to content consumption, especially now knowing that even news outlets fall prey to fake news. You don’t want to be reading false information and forming misguided opinions would you? So steer clear of the lies through a news aggregator app that collects information from users’ preferred sources. Here's what we're talking about exactly:

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Available for iOS, Android and Windows PC


Flipboard analyzes your choice of news sources, blogs and other sites, as well as factors in your interests and then embeds related stories, podcasts, tweets and videos. You can be as generic as you want, opting for stories about technology or entertainment, or you can choose to be specific, like pull news only on your favorite athletes and teams.

The app also allows you to directly share the articles you’ve collected to other users, follow their activities on Flipboard or read stories they’re interested in as well.


Available for iOS and Android


Fan of Google Reader? Then you’ll find Feedly just as interesting.

Feedly relies on your preferred sites and doesn’t suggest based on its own algorithm, so you can rest assured that you only get stories from the sources that you trust (thus decreasing the possibility of receiving fake news). Although keep in mind that it isn’t solely a news aggregator.

Meanwhile, the app boasts user-friendly interface that has comprehensive search and sharing tool, advanced filtering, notes and highlighting tools. It also allows you to sort stories based on topics and bookmark articles you'd like to read later on.

News Break

Available for iOS and Android


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Another news app that features a feed that includes only its user’s interests, News Break has a “Following” tab that includes the stories you choose to dive into, as well as a “For You” tab for recommended or relevant stories.

News Break has a simple and organized interface that makes social sharing just as easy. It even allows you to read news snippets when your device is locked through its “Instant News” feature. The only downside is that the reach of News Break is quite limited, so collation of breaking news from global sources is still in the pipeline.


Available for iOS and Android


If you think Reddit is purely for memes, you’re gravely mistaken. Its tagline, “Front Page of the Internet,” reflects the fact that this app/site is made of various communities passionate about different topics and where members can post updates on their interest. It also fosters engagement between users through upvotes and comments.

Whatever your likes are, chances are there’s a subreddit you can subscribe to—whether that’s something general like technology or something more niche, like carbonated milk.

Keep in mind though, that not all news shared by the members should be taken at face-value.


Available for iOS and Android


Reuters has been known for being a wire service company that supplies syndicated news to other news organizations. However, the company also has their own website as well as an app where they cover news of different topics around the world. 

Reuters' different channels also feature different sections like Editorial Highlights, which allows you to quickly catch-up on events, set up a personal Market Watchlist of stocks, bonds currencies and commodities analysis, as well as save articles for reading in offline mode.

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Stop fake news from spreading and shop for legit content straight from credible sources.

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Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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