How To Make Online Schooling Fun & Hassle-Free

We all need a little help now and then

With schools closed for the most of 2020, parents around the country have had to make the quick shift to at-home learning for their kids—which isn’t an easy feat.

Our homes have turned into schools. Homework has turned into full-on lessons, and moms and dads are struggling to remember the topics they learned back in grade school or high school. The kids, on the other hand, are finding it difficult to get any work done in the house because every day feels (and looks) like a weekend.

So how can we make online schooling fun and hassle-free for everyone in the family? Globe At Home is bringing you ideas with Learn @ Home sessions, which kicks off on August 15, 2020 (Saturday) at 10am with Bianca Gonzalez-Intal and Teacher Gabby Limjoco of Playworks Early Childhood Center.


Globe At Home subscribers get VIP access to the event and interact with our guest speakers by registering on this link, until Aug 14. Freebies await lucky registrants. Otherwise, you can catch the event online. Just check out the Globe At Home Facebook page at 10am on August 15 for the live stream

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But for now, take these into consideration:

Buy school supplies

The start of a new school year is oftentimes marked by new school supplies—and this is one of the things that doesn’t have to change for online schooling. While it’s a little risky to actually go to a supplies store right now, there are online options that will get you what you need. Besides, at this point, you probably have your favorite pencils, crayons and notebooks already picked up. Just add a few things to your cart on Lazada or Shopee and wait for the delivery!

Set a schedule 

If the goal is to make your kids feel like schooling is still ongoing, it would be best to stick to a schedule. Much like they had a certain time for math or reading or art, the same should be done at home. And if that’s a little too quick for your liking, you can experiment by dedicating half days to certain subjects throughout the week instead. 

Get them out of their PJs

This one is important: Get the kids out of their PJs. We don’t mean having them put on their uniforms or even a pair of jeans—but we do mean no sleep clothes. There’s a reason why people say you have to dress the part. It puts them in the right mindset. 

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Secure a room with no distractions

Not all of us have the luxury of multiple rooms in the house, but if you’re able to, set aside a real study area for the online schooling session. And even if you have to use a bedroom, make sure you’re facing away from any distractions—the television set, the toys on the floor and maybe the gaming console.  

Change things up

A teacher’s (and parent’s) greatest strength might just be being able to present one thing in different ways. Now, students can augment their online classes with educational platforms. And remember, learning is not only for kids, everyone in the family can upskill and learn online. There are so many learning aides out there for use:

  • is an early learning academy that’s subscription-based, which means you can get access to programs on Math, Science, Reading and Art—and they come in puzzles, songs, games and other options to keep things interesting. 

  • Bookful brings favorite stories to AR. Is it time for the kids to experience the classics in a more modern way? Of course!

  • Shaw Academy, on the other hand, is for those kids with interests beyond the standard curriculum. It offers online classes on graphic design, photography, beauty and almost everything in between. Perfect for the whole family, too!

  • Shoor is here to bring your family different experiences—even at the safety of your home. Teach them how to measure with a cooking class, or identify different parts of a plant with some indoor gardening tips.

Are you a Globe At Home subscriber? Check the Globe At Home App (available on iOS and Android) for free access or premium subscriptions to, Bookful and Shaw Academy for a limited time only. 

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Is the stress of at-home learning getting to you? Don’t worry, there more to come on how to make online schooling fun and hassle-free. The first Globe at Home Learn @ Home session starts with Teacher Gabby at 10am on August 15, 2020 (Saturday). Click here to register.

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Words Adie Pieraz

Art Matthew Fetalver

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