Be Always On: 10 Online Services to Make Your Life Easier Now

Life goes on #SafeAtHome! Adapt easier and stay productive with these online services

As COVID-19 remains a concern around the world and an enhanced community quarantine stays in place in the Philippines, classes have either been canceled or moved online, employees have been required to work from home, public transportation is on halt and some business have closed temporarily. Despite the outbreak and concerns around your health and that of others’, life (and work) goes on. 

During this trying time, we can use all the help we can get to adapt. Below is a rundown of online services, tools and apps that can help get you through the quarantine period to help make life a little more productive and manageable. 

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For Families

1. LazMart

Leaving your home for your quarantine supply can be risky, so opt for Lazada’s grocery service arm instead. LazMart will keep their logistics and operations running to service people who need to stock up on their basic grocery needs—with the exception of fresh and frozen goods. 

It’s important to note, however, that Lazada has announced possible delays in operations, so plan ahead and stay patient. 

2. GrabFood and GrabExpress

After a brief suspension of all its services, Grab resumed operations for GrabFood and GrabExpress. Ordering food for delivery using GrabFood is an effective short-term solution if your current food supply is dwindling. Try to keep in mind that GrabFood is operating on a skeletal fleet at the moment and is also working with changed restaurant times, so expect possible delays.

On the other hand, mass transportation and ride-hailing apps have been suspended throughout Luzon, making it a challenge to retrieve necessary items you may have left at the office or other locations. Fortunately, you can still use GrabExpress to fetch or deliver things for you (or to your loved ones).

Other food delivery options include McDonald’s delivery, Jollibee delivery, KFC delivery, LalaFood and FoodPanda.

3. GCash

It’s difficult to sit back when you need to run bank errands and meet payment deadlines. Fortunately, many banks and utility providers are waiving their late penalty fees and providing payment extensions amid the outbreak. 

For important transactions, you can use GCash for bill payments, loading your Globe prepaid phones and paying for Globe broadband plans and more from the security of your home.

GCash is available for Globe and non-Globe subscribers via the App Store and the Play Store.

4. Aura

Let's not forget that the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic extends to your mental health. Fortunately, there are apps that can help ease anxieties and calm you down during the outbreak. Aura, a mindfulness and meditation app, can help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as help you sleep better and even give you the chance to enjoy the sounds of nature—an indulgence right now, really. 

Aura is available on the App Store and Play Store.

For Employees & Professionals 

1. Google Hangouts

Working at home and not speaking face-to-face with colleagues or managers can get in the way of collaboration and teamwork. That’s why using online communication and collaboration tools like Google Hangouts is a massive help for companies right now. Teams can remain connected through private chats, group chats and video calls

2. Toggl

To keep track of working hours, businesses and professionals alike can use a time-tracking tool like Toggl for optimized flexibility. It can help team leads monitor work data and help employees get things done on time and boost their productivity—a struggle for some of those who have not regularly worked from home. 

3. Trello

This is a great way to keep track of projects and get your team running with project management items. Trello allows teams to keep their workflow in check, organize and prioritize tasks and collaborate even while at home to get things done as scheduled. 

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For Educators & Students

1. Google Classroom

To make classes more collaborative and productive, Google Classroom allows educators and students to foster better online communication and organization, especially with sharing of documents and materials. 

Teachers can create classes, give out assignments and manage everything in one place. This tool seamlessly integrates with other Google services, such as Google Docs and Google Drive—all you need is a Google account. 

2. Exam Countdown Lite

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, many exams have been rescheduled. But, due to uncertainties during this time, it seems to be a better option to adapt to current situations. An exam app like Exam Countdown Lite helps educators and students alike keep track of their test dates, add essential notes and setup study reminders. 

3. Hangouts Meet

Not just for businesses and professional meetings, Google Hangouts Meet makes it easier for online classes to meet face-to-face and conduct discussions through video conferencing. The tool is easy to use; anyone can set up a multi-person video meeting in a couple of minutes, which others can join with a simple click. Its convenient and user-friendly interface makes it a viable option for online classes. 

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Always on—even at home

The country is now in a state of calamity to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. But while it's for our own good, social distancing and staying at home during this ECQ can leave some people feeling unproductive—that’s why it’s worth checking out the tools and online services to help make life easier and keep productivity up despite this new (yet temporary) way of life. 

During this challenging time, let Globe At Home Postpaid help you better adjust to the changes and stay connected, productive and informed. Stay #SafeAtHome with Globe.

Words Elisa Aquino

Art Alex Lara

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