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Can you imagine surviving a day without your phone? In today’s modern world, it can honestly be difficult. Let’s be real: imagining going a few short hours without our smartphones within arm’s reach can be a terrifying thought even for the best of us. What if I miss an important e-mail? What about the photos I haven’t backed up yet? What about my Instagram feed?

Fragments of every layer of our lives are poured into these little hand-held devices. Since there’s no mistake that we keep our phones in our palms, pressed up against our ears or pocketed for most of the day, it only makes sense that the cases we cover them in play nicely into our OOTDs, personality, or even trends that strike our fancy. After all, if we’re going to need to keep our devices protected anyway, we might as well not be boring about it.

Luckily for us, there are countless online shops that offer diverse cases for every kind of phone out there. Ticking all the right boxes, these stores offer both style and affordability, making it easy for us to find the perfect match with nothing more than a quick browse and a few taps on our screens.

Convinced you need a couple of new phone case options? Look no further. Ahead, we round up 5 of the best online shops to get your fix.

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Paragon Pieces


Images via Paragon Pieces

If you identify yourself as a proud part of Team iPhone, do yourself a favor and go for a quick skim and scan through Paragon Pieces’ collections. A haven for anyone with an iPhone case addiction, this store caters only to iPhone 5 to iPhone X models.

Priced between P550 to P700, Paragon Pieces doesn’t deal too much damage on the pocket. Among their product iterations are snap, armored, shell, shockproof and silicone cases—some of which are created by the shop’s global community of artists. With reasonable prices, exclusive designs and a no-nonsense guide on order placement, payment, delivery and refunds, it’s no wonder they’ve gained a following of 9,000 strong on Instagram.

Nisa and Frank


Images via Nisa and Frank

Nisa and Frank have got you covered, literally. Well-equipped with a little of everything, their iPhone and Samsung cases range from abstract to geometric, minimalist to all-out and printed. Whether it’s neutral shades or bright, punchy hues that work better with your wardrobe, don’t fret: they’re armed with a full spectrum to choose from. Offering more than the run-of-the-mill phone case, they also have handy phone grips for those looking for extra security.

Going the extra mile, Nisa and Frank also provides customization services for customers looking to add a personal touch to their purchase. Their phone cases typically sell for P650 with an extra P50 for customization, while their phone grips cost P350. Proudly made in the Philippines and thriving within the local market, the store also offers worldwide shipping.

B. Manila


Images via B. Manila

With an extensive selection of iPhone and Samsung cases, B. Manila weighs in as one of the most popular stores catering to this market in the local sphere. While their website is currently under construction, their Instagram and Facebook pages cover their bases just fine by pushing their strengths to the forefront: artist collaborations, diverse designs, various finishes.

Despite serving up both options and access to their customers, B. Manila makes a case for a lean, mean price point with prices starting as low as P200.

The Gizmo Scout


Images via The Gizmo Scout

If you’ve got a flair for individuality, The Gizmo Scout’s one-of-a-kind gear might be up your alley. While the store has open orders for their designs, some of their items are not mass produced. With only one unit of each case for these designs, you can rest easy knowing you won’t run into someone sporting the exact same phone case.

Feeling lucky? You might catch The Gizmo Scout on sale on the next holiday or special occasion. During their biggest sales and flash promotions, prices drop to as low as P80 so stay on your toes!



Images via Casify.ph

If you’re on the hunt for cases that deliver both form and function, this is the shop you ought to visit. Enter: Casify.ph. Specializing in protective covers for all kinds of devices, these cases give shoppers plenty to choose from. Their material and case finishes range from the usual plastic, rubber and silicone to less common carbon fiber.

Priced between P100 to P200, you can trust that these cases won’t break the bank. They’ve got an organized system in place, too. All cases ordered before the weekly Wednesday cut-off will be shipped the following Monday. Casify also offers to personally hand orders over for customers who live in the vicinity of their designated meet-up areas. Quick and easy!

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