How Postpaid Users Can Phone a Physician With KonsultaMD

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As we approach the one-year mark of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s safe to say we’ve adapted well enough to the new ways of everyday life. When it comes to leaving the house, we have our own routines for trips that are essential and non-essential. Things like supermarket runs are part of the former, but luckily local establishments have found a way to bring this errand online: Groceries can now be delivered straight to your doorstep thanks to technology. It’s a relief to know that now, the same can be said even about health and medical appointments.

Partnering with telehealth service KonsultaMD, Globe Postpaid makes it possible for subscribers to get access to licensed medical professionals. They can consult them anytime, anywhere. No appointments necessary. Access is unlimited.

At KonsultaMD, doctors are online and always on-call. Subscribers can consult them regarding topics ranging from dermatology to dentistry, and surgery to ophthalmology. Covering the bases, KonsultaMD’s services also tackle general medicine, family medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, rehabilitation medicine, psychology and psychiatry, among others. (For emergency cases, however, please proceed to your nearest hospital.)

All this is done online, too, so you don’t have to worry about physical attendance, long lines or social distancing. You can meet with your doctor through a video call, receive e-Prescriptions, send e-Lab requests via SMS and even get mental health first-aid support online.

To avail of your free KonsultaMD, follow these steps:

For existing Globe Postpaid subscribers:

  1. Text “FREEKONSULTAMD” to 8080

  2. Await the confirmation message.

  3. Tap on the link. This should lead you to the KonsultaMD registration form.

  4. Complete the registration form by providing accurate personal information.

  5. Await KonsultaMD’s activation message. You should receive this within 24 hours of completing the registration form.

  6. Enjoy your free KonsultaMD upon activation.

For new Globe Postpaid subscribers:

Free access to KonsultaMD is built right into subscriptions to ThePLAN 599 and up. To learn more about them, tap here. Follow the instructions above to activate this.

You can also better manage your health through the KonsultaMD mobile App, where you get to keep your medical history and information, see your consultation history, receive reminders, track your medication, and more. Download the KonsultaMD app on Google Play or the App Store.

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