Create Artsy Presentations With These Powerpoint Alternatives

Because your slideshows can make or break your presentation 

Creating visual guides for a meeting or discussion can put a lot of pressure on the presenter. Some people might even argue that a good slideshow can make or break a presentation. And while Powerpoint has been the standard thus far, the demands of an audience has recently leveled up.

Worry not, because Powerpoint isn’t the only tool that you can use to create wonderful presentations. Whether student or part of the workforce, the following alternatives are sure to keep the audience tuned in. 


Keynote is a free software from macOS and comes pre-installed in any Apple device. It’s a versatile tool that’s similar to Powerpoint, but has a signature Apple touch: simple design, easy-to-use options and a wide array of customization tools. It also has an online version, Keynote for iCloud, in case you want a cloud storage option. It allows you to work on your presentations on-the-go even on a non-Apple device.

If you want to get extra space on Keynote on iCloud, it costs $0.99 a month for 50GB of extra storage.

Google Slides


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Part of the Google applications family, Google Slides, offers one of the easiest ways to sync your presentations across your Google accounts. Just like Doc and Sheets, it’s much faster and more convenient to collaborate here, especially for groups or team presentations.

It has all the standard tools needed to create a functional presentation like animations, templates and transitions. If you’re a beginner, this software is pretty easy to learn!

Google Slides is free and accessible with any Google account. For an additional 100GB storage, it's $1.99/month.



Image via Prezi

If you want something more dynamic and nonlinear, Prezi is for you. The online slideshow maker focuses on animations and transitions that look nothing like other presentations. It’s a sure way to keep your audience interested, especially if you have more than one topic to discuss. Don't overdo it though, as it could get confusing for the audience.

Prezi starts at $5 per month for a basic subscription plan.



Image via TechCrunch

Canva is great if you’re looking for professional templates that offer a great deal of customization. The design tool isn’t exclusive to presentations but works as an alternative to Photoshop, allowing you to design logos, social media material, invitations, greeting cards and more.

The software is free, but premium graphics and templates start at $1.



Image via PowToon

Ever wonder how some presentations have animations in them? PowToon is the answer. It also doubles as a video maker that’s incredibly engaging for how-tos and tutorials. PowToon also has a host of animated characters you can use for different scenarios.

You can use PowToon for free but san the watermark logo, it's $89/month.

Haiku Deck


Image via Visme

If you need something quick and easy, Haiku Desk might be your best bet. It also has a wide variety of templates and over 40 million stock photos.

But Haiku Deck has a limited set of features, so don’t expect too much personalization. However, your output is sure to make a great visual impact.

Check out their paid plans, which start at $9.99/month or $119.88/year, per user.

So, go get 'em tiger.

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