New In Tech: Prepaid Load Tracking Right At Your Fingertips

With regular monitoring, of course

Social media, photography 101, Netflix and cool games: going digital has never been this fun. These entertaining add-ons aside though, the mobile phone has become a handy-dandy handheld personal assistant without which, most of us find it near impossible to function even when we’re already right at home.

It is called a smartphone for a reason.

Want to get the most out of your home workouts? There’s an app for that. Got a trip to the grocery store coming up? There’s an app for that, too! Interested in keeping your mobile data usage in check? It’s the GServices to the rescue. Apps like these are perfect for staying in the know and being more in control whether it’s your lifestyle habits you’re tracking, your time spent on something, your budget or your data usage.

Globe At Home is getting with the program and introducing a new way for Home Prepaid WiFi users to stay on top of their data consumption.


The new Globe At Home app allows users to check their prepaid balance, track their data usage and use the promo top-up features. Just power up by getting the Prepaid WiFi kit, connect by downloading the Globe At Home app on your smartphone or tablet and you’re all set to activate the free 10GB as well as load easily and register to any Surf promo.

Postpaid customers can use the same app to manage their accounts, too. 


With a fantastic option to see their details (account number, total outstanding bill and remaining data allowance) all at one glance, staying on top of data usage has never been so easy.

The dashboard is also where users can meet Data Duck or DD, the cute Globe At Home companion that monitors data usage. DD goes up and down the meter to show how much data you have as you use it! By seeing how much data you have consumed, you can plan and manage how you can use your remaining data allocation.

Postpaid users also have the option to add more data to their plans through the same app. Simply tap on “Get More Data” on the dashboard, choose from the available volume boost options, tap “Subscribe” then “Proceed.” The volume boost subscription will automatically be charged to your next bill. Excited to be done with bill shock? We are, too!

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With the Globe At Home app, you can enjoy your connection without having to worry about running out of data. Get it on Google Play for Android and AppStore for Apple.

There’s a lot more in store for those signed on with Globe At Home! Enjoy unlimited data with Globe’s new Unli Plans, experience fast surfing speeds and more entertainment at home at a reasonable price with Go Big Plans or enjoy reliable prepaid internet access at home with only a one-time fee of P1,999 with Go Prepaid.

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Words Nicole Blanco Ramos

Art Alex Lara

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