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Can Ring Fit Adventure Really Help You Lose Weight?

Gaming can now be synonymous with working out

The first thing you think of when someone mentions video games is probably relaxing on the couch and holding a controller in your hand while having fun.This seems like a far cry from an active lifestyle but Nintendo aims to change this perception with the release of the Switch’s Ring Fit Adventure. Gaming can now be synonymous with working out.

Ring Fit Adventure is a fun addition to Nintendo’s lineup of fitness games, being the successor to its earlier fitness offerings on the Wii. With the necessary peripherals—a Leg-Strap to hold the left Joy-Con onto your thigh and the Ring-Con, a pliable plastic wheel with handles to hold the right Joy-Con—the game takes you on a quest to defeat an evil dragon through the use of powerful exercise moves.

Immersive Gameplay and Engaging Exercises

While you begin with only a few moves to vanquish your enemies, you can earn EXPs by completing reps and sets that help you level up. The game also offers several types of exercises for variation. 

Combined with a color-coded battle system—certain types of exercises do more damage to different kinds of enemies—Ring Fit Adventure creates a workout routine that’s effective yet fun, adding a level of competitiveness that only an RPG can give.

Beginner-friendly Workouts

The game itself provides an easy-to-follow guide through the character, Tipp. With each rep and set, Tipp gives small reminders to observe and maintain proper posture and poses, ensuring that you’re working up a sweat. Additionally, the more consistent and correct your exercise is, the more powerful one is against the game’s enemies.

Progress Tracking and Safety Features

The game also has its safety features, like a heart rate monitor (via the Joy-Con’s IR sensor), regular in-game prompts to take a break and hydrate and the ability to choose the level of playing difficulty (or the intensity of the workout). These thoughtful additions make the game beginner-friendly, especially for those who feel intimidated by starting an active lifestyle.

What are Gamers and Gym Buffs Saying about Ring Fit Adventure? 

Professional Gamer Austin John reviewed Ring Fit Adventure with his professional trainer. Both were impressed with the game, saying, “If you don’t have a strong history of working out or you’re getting back into it, […] this provides you with enough basics to get going and actually give you a decent amount of workout while doing it [in a]  mindless way.” He also suggests that, on top of eating healthy and working out, the game can truly help you burn calories and lose weight.

Meanwhile, Buzzfeed’s resident gamers Jared, Kelsey and Adrian took on the challenge of working out with Ring Fit Adventure for 30 days. The verdict? While the game isn’t a replacement for a full workout (especially for Kelsey, who is a veritable gym buff), it does provide a fun way for gamers to be more active every day, which, as Jared says, is “life-changing.”

Fitness and Fun, All in One

What Ring Fit Adventure brings to the table is the right balance between exercising and enjoying a game. By turning each squat and sit-up into a move to beat the bad guys, this game is the perfect way to jumpstart your journey to getting fit and losing some pounds in the process. Plus, with Globe’s GoPLAY video game promos, you can make moments matter with an additional 2GB of data for extra playtime.

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