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📱 Samsung Galaxy Fold: Everything You Need To Know - go!

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is Bringing The Future To The Philippines

Here’s everything you need to know, how you can get your hands on it ahead of everyone else and how this foldable device is changing the smartphone game

At a time when a new phone or gadget comes out every year—or as we’ve observed recently, every quarter, it’s hard to keep up and even harder to remember which brand or model is doing what. That is unless the new release breaks the mold or, in the case of Samsung, defies the category. Meet the Samsung Galaxy Fold; a tablet when kept open and a smartphone when fold shut. That’s two displays on one pretty fascinating device.


via Samsung

Now about that fold

Made with innovative materials wrapped in a neat and stylish packaging, the Galaxy Fold features a 4.6-inch cover display for one-handed use and a 7.3-inch main display for a more immersive, lifelike view. The best part? Harmful blue light has been reduced and without the use of filters to ensure comfortable viewing while lessening eye strain.

Meanwhile, its hinge and interlocking gears are hidden away to allow for minimal bezels on the main display. Along with the Infinity Flex, it has gone through rigorous tests so it can fold and unfold with you for up to 200,000 times (so, assuming you check your phone 80 times a day,* 560 times a week, 2,240 times a month, 26,880 times a year, it can last you a little over 7 years).

*You may notice a crease at the center of the main screen, which is a natural characteristic of the screen (Samsung). Data based on a US study on the number of times Americans check their phones in a day (NY Post)

Premium in look and feel, and in every possible way

The Galaxy Fold comes in stunning polished glass and dynamic finishes that change with the light, and is available in Space Silver and Cosmos Black. 

With this new innovation from Samsung, the experience doesn’t end there. This new smartphone-tablet hybrid features a built-in display protection so you don’t have to worry about dirt, dust and scratches. It also boasts in-box essentials, like the Galaxy Buds for easy, wire-free listening, as well as Slim Cover with Aramid Fiber housed in an environmentally-friendly packaging. 

But what’s pretty if it isn’t a complete experience? The Galaxy Fold Premier Service, which includes Fold Concierge and Samsung Care+, offers exclusive perks and services for its forward-thinking users.


via Samsung

*In-box components and protection coverage varies per country or region. Also, fees apply for 1-year Samsung Care+ for Galaxy Fold accidental damage insurance

Bringing the future into the present

While the foldable device gives us a peek into the future, it is the first of its kind. Expectations need to be managed; for one, the Galaxy Fold isn’t waterproof and might be a little more fragile than what we’re used to. But imagine true cinema-grade experience right in the palm of your hands and increasing productivity through a much larger but still comfortable multitasking screen. 

Dare we say it, Samsung Galaxy Fold has brought the future into the present and it’s starting to look limitless.

Words Sarah Santiago

Art Alex Lara

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