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#GlobeGalaxyS8 Is A Dream Come True–Here’s Why | go! | Globe

#GlobeGalaxyS8 Is A Dream Come True-Here’s Why

A new design that’s speckled with new features and is more powerful than ever before

Samsung has finally pulled in the curtains on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and we could not have fallen more in love with it. The Korean tech giant has really done its job in innovating not just how a smartphone can look, but how we can all experience it. But let’s start with its jaw-dropping infinity display.

Less bezels, bigger ratio.

Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ have a ratio of 18.5:9, which is a significant change from the standard 16:9. It really feels like you’re watching on a modern movie screen, but the overall upsize is very minimal, we were told it was as little as 18 percent. 

You heard it and we’re confirming it. There are no physical buttons.

Say goodbye to the home button, because it is gone. Samsung replaced it with a digital one that appears on the screen itself. There’s haptic feedback as well, so it doesn’t feel all that different. 

The camera is more than we ever expected.

The rear camera has a 12 megapixel lens that takes three photos at once in order to minimize blurriness. Meanwhile, the front camera is 8 megapixels and is fitted with auto focus for those killer selfies that we bet you’ll only need to take once. Samsung also has built-in stickers and filters in its Galaxy S8, which can be used just as easily as Snapchat. 

Water and dust resistance is here to stay.

Samsung's Galaxy S8 is as durable as ever, as it still has an IP68 rating. That means it can withstand waters of up to 1.5 meters deep for as long as 30 minutes. Granted, this doesn’t mean you can go deep-sea diving with it, but it will settle your heart when a drink spills on the table.

Upped the security and power.

Samsung fitted its new flagship with an iris scanner and facial recognition, which is the biggest in security right now. Your phone can scan and unlock based on your fingerprint? That’s so 2013.

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is powered by a 10nm processor, which promises 10 percent more power with 20 percent less strain on the battery.

Bixby is smarter than its competition, hands down.

As Samsung’s newest virtual assistant, you can expect Bixby to be smart, but even we were surprised with what the AI can do. There’s Bixby Vision, which can help you decipher where you are, what you’re looking at and what you’re reading. Seriously, the Samsung Galaxy S8 can recognize a landmark and then tell you all the places near it that you can visit. Just the same, it can process an image and tell you details about it. And, hold on to your hats, it can transcribe documents, too.

There’s Bixby Voice as well, but that feature is still under testing. Think S Voice but bigger, better and smarter.

It’s a PC right in your pocket.

The Samsung DeX turns the S8 into a pocket PC. The accessory connects to the handheld and any monitor via an HDMI cable. You can virtually work on excel files, word files and still answer calls with the flagship. 

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