5 Smartwatches To Keep You On Your Toes

From saves to splurges, here are smartwatches that help keep track of your health

The longer we become dependent on technology, the more innovations appear at our fingertips. Just take a look at the abundance of smart-anythings! From the existence of smartphones and smart TVs, to even smart refrigerators and smart sunglasses, we can’t deny how these inventions make life better.

In the case of the smartwatch, it’s become an essential day-to-day partner. Some might think that a smartwatch is not the soundest investment during a global pandemic, especially when we’re often just at home. But one perk of this device is that it tracks your inactivity, a sedentary reminder that we probably need. Of course, we often lose track of time when we’re in the zone or get too comfortable in our spots that we end up moving less than usual. At least with a flick of the wrist, we can see how our health is doing and might be your motivation to work out.

Next to that, we need smartwatches that are water-resistant, long-lasting and customizable. These are only a few features we look out for in a virtual sidekick. Up ahead are devices best for any budget, bound to help you stay active and keep you on your toes. (For the child at heart, may we direct you this way?)

Save: Xiaomi Mi Band 6 at P1,890

Xiaomi’s latest but budget-friendly smartwatch is the Mi Band 6. This release brags 14 days worth of battery life in regular use and a sharp 326 PPI AMOLED display. But next to its impeccable specs and easy smartphone connectivity are its fitness features. The Mi Band 6 can keep your sleep score and quality of breathing to monitor your nightly rests, 24-hour heart rate tracking, stress monitoring and even female health tracking for the ladies. Now that’s what you call a fitness sidekick!

Get it for P1,890 on Shopee and Lazada.

Save: Huawei Band 6 at P2,599

Huawei’s latest release of the Band smartwatch series is the Band 6. On average, the device has a battery life of 10 to 14 days and a slimmer AMOLED FullView display of 282 PPI. Nonetheless, this smartwatch can track your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) all day, monitor your stress levels and sleep schedules. An added plus for the ladies is that the Band 6 can also help keep an eye on menstrual cycles. So this is another candidate best to help you stay fit.

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Splurge: Fitbit Charge 4 at P7,790

Fitbit Charge 4
via Shopee

If you’re seeking to splurge a little on your smartwatch purchase, then maybe a model from Fitbit can interest you. The Charge 4’s battery life is at an average of seven days. Its features include the usual fitness parameters such as heart rate monitoring, all-day activity tracking, sleep stages and score tracking and different goal-based exercise modes.

Cop the Fitbit Charge 4 on Shopee.

Splurge: Garmin Venu Sq at P 11,495

Garmin Venu Sq
via Garmin PH

The seemingly small wrist accessory packs a mighty punch, which makes this device a worthy investment. Next to tracking standard fitness parameters such as heart rate, daily activity, stress levels, sleep and respiration quality and menstrual cycle tracking, the smartwatch also tracks hydration to note the amount of fluid its user takes in. Next to that, pre-loaded and personalized workouts are available at the tap of the button. But these perks come with a catch, as the watch only brags six days’ worth of battery life. Nonetheless, it seems like a decent tradeoff for a hardworking fitness partner.

Get your own Garmin Venu SQ on the official website.

Splurge: Samsung Galaxy Watch3 at P20,990

Samsung Galaxy Watch3
via Amazon

The Watch3 is a model behind Samsung’s latest release, the Watch4, but it also offers almost the same specs and features as the newcomer. The stainless steel material and leather straps make it look sleeker and more premium, making it a versatile accessory. The rotating bezel offers a new way of app navigation on top of the touch screen—all for a more hands-free experience. The Watch3 tracks the heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep quality and even fall detection. However, the device’s battery life only clocks in at three days. The Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is both a smartphone and a fitness partner in a wearable device, making this one major splurge.

Get the Galaxy Watch3 in 45mm and stainless steel via Samsung’s official website.

Once these devices encourage you to get up on your feet, maybe you can check out these walking exercises or basic weight training videos.

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