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How Students Can Gear Up for the New School Year with

The online youth platform guides students through—and beyond—the school year

Navigating academics is tricky enough, but for students in 2021, the journey means coping with the global pandemic, finding ways to focus on online learning, dealing with delayed plans and preparing for what now appears like an even more uncertain future. 

It’s tough out here for students, which is why has doubled down on its efforts with an even more exciting lineup of content and events this year. Now, students can ride through the new academic year’s speed bumps and roadblocks with an online platform dedicated purely to their experience.

On, users are guided from education to employment, with an extra kick of motivation and inspiration so they can discover new passions, hone their skills and learn about enriching their careers. You can also check out The Vision Board, which gives you insights and some extra advice on how to make the most of all the features. But for now, were’s a quick preview of what they can expect when they join in!

Edukasyon’s Guide To

Simply put, this feature on the platform is devoted to comprehensive how-to’s, tutorials and walk-throughs of important milestones. From school applications and choosing your major, to adulting, “Edukasyon’s Guide To” makes sure learners are equipped with the right information and tools to tackle the day-to-day.

Career Conversations

On the topic of career building, makes sure to highlight content that touches on moving ahead and job hunting. The platform is where students can find useful resources for personal and career growth, exercises to help guide them through first-job woes and so much more. 

Free Cut

Just like free cuts at uni, there’s room on for fun breaks and leisure, too. The site’s “Free Cut” content highlights the entertaining yet educational, covering lifestyle, pop culture and all the things that spark joy outside academics.


The student journey, of course, isn’t just about academics. But if in case students want to make use of their breaks for something that’s still substantial (like upskilling, picking up new hobbies or even just feeding the soul), can easily be a go-to for this as well.

Productivity Hacks

How to study better, how to work efficiently and beyond: the tried-and-tested formulas of former and current students can be found here. Take a deep dive into productivity through’s blog or get bite-sized tips and tricks through its social channels.


Just as important: is here to foster a sense of community, so members of the youth get to know key resource persons, their fellow students and peers, and even potential employers or mentors. What to expect from’s Commune? Substantial content about friendships, relationships and even sex education.

Generation Zen

It’s rough letting go of our pre-pandemic measures of success or progress. In these turbulent times, those ideals are out the window, so it may be difficult to get excited about studies or plan for the future.’s Generation Zen hopes to be the respite from all that anxiety and stress. Through discussions on wellness, mental health and emotional wellbeing, the platform hopes to help Gen Z get in a healthier headspace. 

Tying everything together, looks to make the new school year extra exciting with online events that students can look forward to. 

In August, it presents TVB Future Fest, a week-long event filled with learning activities that can be done on, The Vision Board and social media. This all leads up to the culminating event on August 28. Then, in September, gears up for school org enlistment season, where students can learn the basics of organizing events, and the 411 on becoming an effective org leader and member. Exciting stuff, and there’s more to come.

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