Sweat-Proof And Water-Proof Gadgets You Need For Your Next Getaway

Make sure your investments don’t drown in the water

When you go away for the weekend, there are things you’ll need to bring in order to make the experience more memorable. But since summer getaways normally mean a lot of water—in sea and in sweat—you need to make sure your gadgets can also stand up to the heat.

Supremo 1 Wifi Action Camera

Cameras are a no-brainer gadget to any vacation. But when you’re headed to the beach, you know your photos will be limited to shallow waters and the sand. Take your memories down under with a water-proof camera that can stand the pressure and take amazing images and videos, just like the Supremo Action Camera.

Zilla Tank Rock Waterproof Speaker

Don’t limit your musical experience to the sand either and take your tunes to the sea instead. Get on a boat with the Zilla Speaker or just take it when you swim. The rubberized casing will keep it safe and will keep you feeling the beat in turn.

Coloud The Hoop Earphones

For the incredibly strong-willed, a summer getaway is no excuse not to work out. But unless your hotel has a full gym, you’re likely to take a more natural way to exercise. That means sports, running, biking and sweat. So make sure to pack your Coloud Earphones that won’t slip and mess up when you’re keeping in shape. 

Yoobao M10 Powerbank

Whether you’re looking to relax or go sight-seeing, it’s always safer to take a powerbank with you for those times when an outlet just isn’t available. The Yoobao Powerbank has ten-way protection to make sure that your phone is charged safely no matter what the environment.

RhinoShield Playproof & Impact Protection Bundle

If putting your smartphone in your pocket puts it in danger—because who hasn’t dropped a phone while doing that?—then your vacation activities are sure to be a doozy to your handheld. Keep it protected with the RhinoShield Protectio Bundle, which can handle both shocks and impacts.

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