Complete Your Summer Upgrade With The Right Tech Accessories

Load up on the need-to-have summer tech accessories!

If you’ve taken the opportunity to have lunch outside the office this month or braved the streets of your school’s space, you know that the sun has been bearing down on everyone. The seasons have changed and we’re left to keep up. One sure fire way to get prepared quickly? Get your summer tech accessories in gear.

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Summer usually means a vacation, whether that’s an out of town trip to the beach, a road trip through our longest highways or something a little more mellow and relaxing at a friend’s house. Whichever way you’d prefer to spend the hot months, we can agree it’s best to have a little help with a few key digital connectors.

Fender Newport Bluetooth Speaker


Blast your music whenever the mood strikes you with this powerful speaker.


The Fender Newport Bluetooth Speaker has a 30-watt battery, making it perfect for those long afternoon that seamlessly transform into long evenings. Trust us, it has a 12-hour play time on a single full charge, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth without the stress and struggle of having to find a nearby socket just as you and your loved ones are really getting into the music.

Naturally, it also has Fender’s signature crisp and clear sound. Just connect via Bluetooth or an auxiliary cord.

Mandalay M55 Wireless Speaker


The prestige of Fender aside, the biggest struggle you might have with it is its size—which is fine. If you prefer something a little more lightweight, there are more than enough options to consider.


The Mandalay M55 Wireless Speaker is perfect for carrying around, especially if your summer activities are going to keep you on your feet. Its lace makes it easy to attach to your backpack, a belt loop or anything else that you see fit. And if you’re worried about its power, there’s no need to be; there’s no sacrifice in quality. You know what they say: good things come in small packages.

Boompods Retrobuds Wireless Earphones


Prefer some solo-listening? We don’t blame you.


Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you’re going to be out every weekend. So during your solo time going on hikes or even just jogging down the street, your Boompods Retrobuds Wireless Earphones can be your best friend. It has an integrated cable design that allows it to securely fit anyone and its battery gives you up to 4 hours of play time. Have we mentioned its sweat-resistant too?

Apricot Type-C OTG


What do you do when you get that little notification that your storage is almost full? The answer is not deleting older photos you still haven’t gotten around to saving.


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The Apricot Type-C OTG lets you expand your phone’s storage space without the need for an external memory card (which not all mobile phones allow, anyway). Get it in either 16GB or 32GB, depending on what you need and what kind of trip you’ll be taking (or content you’ll be creating!).

Supremo Conquest


Want the best photos and videos for your best vacation yet?


With the Supremo Conquest, you have the ability to capture more moments in more dynamic ways. Its built-in gyroscope allows you take steadier coverage and it’s 20-megapixel camera assures the on-screen quality. Not to mention it’s incredibly easy to maneuver; all you need is the Supremo World mobile app and your smartphone.

Ravpower Portable Charger Power Bank


Because you need a way to keep everything running.


Finding it hard to keep up your digital lifestyle when all your gadgets are fading fast? Keep the Ravpower Portable Charger Powerbank within reach, including its 6700mAh capacity and iSMart2.0 technology—which allows it to charge with up to a 2.4A current.

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Car gassed up? Tickets purchased? Hiking shoes cleaned and ready to get dirty again? Now all you need are the right summer tech accessories and you’re good to go!

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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