The International: What To Expect From The Philippine Teams

How our local teams will fair on The International stage



The International is headed our way again this August and there is a lot lined up. While the crowd funding is still not finished, we already know that the grand champion is going to win at least US$10 million (P500 million). It’s a lot of money, but do our local teams really have a chance at taking the prize?


TNC Pro Team

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Kuku, Raven, SamH and Tims make up what is arguably the most supported Filipino group to make it to The International. TNC Pro Team is walking in no longer as an underdog as they have proven themselves on the Dota 2 stage. Earlier this year, they beat out Cloud 9 at the first World Electronic Sports Games (WESG) and won US$800,000 (P40.3 million). It's completely possible that the team will outdo their 7th-8th place finish from The International 2016.


Execration (XctN)

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Known as the dark horse because of their late formation, Execration has a lot of pressure on its shoulders. Losing some notable members like Abed definitely took its toll on the group, but their captain Kim0 has an eye for talent and recently acquired Bimbo and James. With them in place, the group has been on fire recently and that momentum might just take them far in The International. They're surely eager to get to the main event as they failed to do so last year.



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In Dota 2, experience can spell the difference between success and defeat. This works well for Fnatic, as the group holds some of the most successful Southeast Asian players in The International. DJ, arguably the most successful Filipino player in terms of success, is part of the roster. Expect some aggressive gameplay in the early stages of the tournament.


Digital Chaos


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While Digital Chaos is technically an American team, they do have a notable Filipino player in their roster—Abed Yusop. He has the highest matchmaking rating (MMR) in the world at 10,000+, so we can expect some skillful gameplay. So while Digital Chaos is a bit of underdog in The International, they will undoubtedly take advantage of Abed’s playmaking at mid.


The Group Stages kick off on August 2 to 5 at 11:30pm while the Main Event is scheduled for August 8 to 13 at 12:30am. Don't miss out on the action as eGG Network has announced that BEAM TV will be extending its operational hours to ensure full coverage of The International 2017 Main Event. Fans of the game can tune to comprehensive coverage of selected group stage matches, as well as all the main event matchups.



eGG Network on BEAM digital channels are available in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao and other selected areas around the Philippines. For those that don't have a digital TV box, head on over to Tribe to stream TI7.

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