Home Wi-Fi 101: All the Things You Can Do on the Globe At Home App

Manage your Globe At Home Postpaid or Prepaid WiFi account easily with this all-in-one app

With the pandemic dragging on and every possible classification of quarantine in play, there’s more reason to download the Globe At Home app. It’s a convenient tool to manage your Globe At Home Postpaid or Prepaid WiFi account easily anytime, anywhere. From tracking your usage to viewing and paying your monthly bill with ease and upgrading your plan, it simplifies the whole process without the need to visit a Globe store near you. Enjoy ease and convenience with just a few taps! 

Still not convinced? Here are just some ways you can easily maximize your Globe At Home app.

For Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi Customers 

Keep tabs on your data usage with the Globe At Home app, and easily monitor how many GB is left in your personal subscription!  You can also check your prepaid balance to make your online experience stress-free. You can even top-up with all the exclusive promos available like Share-A-Promo to your Prepaid WiFi account.

For Globe At Home Postpaid Broadband Customers

Manage your account easily and upgrade it anytime with the Globe At Home App. No more waiting in line and going out for non-essential errands. You can keep tabs on how much data you use get and pay your bill real-time through the Globe At Home app with just a few taps! 

You can also upgrade your Globe At Home plan to suit the growing needs of your family. More users and more connected devices require higher speed and bandwidth so that everyone can stay connected and keep having enjoyable online moments. Easily purchase Volume Boost to get more with your internet connection at home. 

Don’t worry if you encounter any problems with your account. Have access to troubleshooting tips and repair with the Globe at Home app. Encountering any more problems? We’ve got you! You can leave your feedback and ask for help through the Help & Support function. 

Anyone with a Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi and/or Globe At Home Postpaid Broadband account can use the Globe At Home app. Manage your account with ease by downloading the app on App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android and the AppGallery for Huawei

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