Everyone in the Fam Deserves WiFi: How This Handy Gadget Can Solve Those Home WiFi Woes

Say goodbye to those dreaded WiFi dead zones 

While WiFi for all is the expectation at home, being limited to the confines of WiFi hotspots is the reality most families share. Is it even really a WiFi-ready house when only one part of it gets internet? The straightforward answer is no.

Most large families can relate to a lot of these home internet if-onlys: If only WiFi could literally be built into the walls instead (which could be a reality soon albeit a costly one). If only those gadgets meant to extend WiFi coverage did the job without slowing down internet speed. If only this one router could keep up with all the things this multi-faceted family has to accomplish.

Luckily, there’s a more practical and efficient solution to nip the if-onlys in the bud: a superior mesh WiFi system that puts single routers and extenders to shame.

The TP-Link Deco M5, the Deco for short, is a state-of-the-art system that lets you and the family do more and be more by making sure you’re all connected no matter where you are in your home. Search for recipes on the World Wide Web and stream cooking videos in the kitchen. The kids can play video games in the den and wherever else they decide to set up their console. Watch Netflix in the TV room and beyond. The TP-Link Deco M5 allows internet users to connect instantly without having to stress out about distance limitations, dead zones or dropping signals. It’s the gadget that makes a home truly WiFi-ready.

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You can get Wi-Fi to reach every corner of your home.

“Deco units cover every nook and cranny of my house with reliable and consistent Wi-Fi. That includes a basement, cellar, first floor, second floor, attic, deck, driveway, and garden. There is never any buffering when streaming Netflix and mesh networking is seamless,” one customer shared. “The Deco protects all the devices on your Wi-Fi system; it’s like putting a security fence around your home.” Meanwhile, another reviewer shared: “The Deco works where wireless extenders fail.”

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You can be in absolute control and access everything with your smartphone.

Deco’s assisted setup also helps users quickly find the perfect spot to place each unit.

You have the ability to prioritize what matters.

Choose which devices or activities you want Deco to prioritize with Quality of Service (QoS). With just a few taps, you can make sure streaming a movie for instance is first in line for Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

Make sure you get every room and floor.

The Deco M5 allows multiple units to work together to replace your router and create seamless Wi-Fi in every room. Each Deco mesh router can work independently to cover up to 1,500 sq. ft. and three units working together deliver up to 4,500 sq. ft. of fast Wi-Fi. For even more coverage, you can use up to 10 Deco units on a single network.


Keep all your family’s devices secure.

Every device that uses Wi-Fi is protected by Deco. That includes things that don’t normally have protection from cyber threats, like Wi-Fi cameras, smart locks and game consoles. It even protects devices that your friends use in your home.

Customize your home Wi-Fi experience.

Whether you want to block websites, set time limits, see which sites your kids are using or pause the internet, you can with Deco. And you can do it all from the app.

For strong internet connection on every floor, in every room, down to every corner of your house, upgrade your home Wi-Fi to the TP-Link Deco M5, the world’s most secure whole-home mesh Wi-Fi system.

Get it with Globe At Home Plan 1299 for as low as P150 for 24 months and have it conveniently, seamlessly charged to your existing bill. To get the TP-Link Deco M5 with your Globe At Home plan, click here and simply fill out the form

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