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How To Work Smarter: 5 Productivity Apps To Try This Month

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With how fast technology has been developing, we would be absolutely naïve not to take advantage of it. There are so many online services available that target helping us in our professional and personal lives that are just waiting to be of use.

Productive Habit Tracker & Goals

Available on iOS

Starting a habit is a difficult thing to do, even when you know how good it would be for you. Productive helps you form and maintain your ideal habits by efficiently mapping out a schedule for you. Whether you’re targeting your health, fitness, personal errands or social interactions, this app has you covered.



Available on iOS and Android



It can get taxing to sync multiple devices together and it isn’t the most efficient practice to just use one either. So to make it easier to access documents, photos and memos across all your platforms, let Evernote do the work for you. It will be particularly useful for those times that you work on your laptop and suddenly need to step out, because Evernote will allow you to continue your work on your smartphone. 


Workflow Timer: Deeper Focus at Work and Studies

Available on iOS



No one likes to be overworked and no one should be overworked. Studies actually show that we get unproductive over time no matter how much we try to focus. Workflow Timer basically acts like a personal clock that splits your time between work and breaks so that you’re ensured efficiency.



Available on iOS and Android

There is definitely no shortage of to-do apps out there, but Trello is arguably one of the best choices in the market. You can personalize it to your taste and drag and drop tasks that you have ticked off. Have a column for priority tasks, meetings, errands and then a finished column at the end.

Asana: Team Tasks & Conversations

Available on iOS and Android

Yes, messaging apps allow you to easily communicate with a team. Yes, an online presentation will allow everyone to work on their part without having to consolidate individual slides later on. Yes, emails are fun (but not really). However, it gets frustrating to have to go back and forth between all these things.

Asana is a one stop shop – it puts conversations, responsibilities and notifications in a single place. Set deadlines, assign particular tasks and make comments in one space.

When there are ways to make things easier, embrace them. Otherwise, we’d all go crazy. 

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