4 Virtual Christmas Party Ideas Your Remote Team Will Love

So you and your teammates can celebrate the holidays together (though apart)

‘Tis the season for week-long feasts, reconnecting with loved ones and holding office parties left and right! Or, well, it’s supposed to be. Traditions like these will unfortunately have to be (somewhat) sidetracked this year. But if you think about it, it’s a small price to pay in the name of staying safe during the pandemic.

The good news is that all the months of virtual conversations and remote meetings have shown us that upcoming holiday reunions don’t have to take a backseat completely. The compromise? Those parties, reunions and get-togethers can take place online.

We’re here to vouch for this kind of unconventional holiday with fun office Christmas party games and ideas that you can use to celebrate remotely:

Online Kris Kringle

Everything can be done online—and exchanging gifts is no exception. Considering the circumstances, we’re saying it again: taking celebrations online is simply the responsible thing to do.

You can comply with social distancing protocols and draw names for your Kris Kringle by using apps like Draw Names and Secret Santa Organizer.

With Draw Names, in particular, you can draw lots live on Zoom, which means everyone can join in on the fun right from the get-go. Secret Santa Organizer is pretty much like Draw Names, since it likewise generates an anonymous Santa for you. Your wish list—which can feature apparel, devices for tech lovers or new normal essentials—will then be sent to the email address of your Secret Santa.  Neat, right? It even gives you the option of adding personal messages for those participating in the game.

Virtual Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is a fun game where players take turns stating something they have never done or experienced before. Putting a work spin on this, it could go something like: “Never have I ever woken up a minute before a conference call started.” All those guilty, raise your hands (or take a sip of your drink)!

You can add a twist to this game by imposing a holiday theme or touching on situations relevant to your team and work life. Be ready to hear some outrageous and crazy Never Have I Ever revelations; but remember: this is all for fun, and what happens at the virtual office party stays in the virtual office party.

Play Holiday-Inspired Virtual Team Building Games

A great example of this would be a Virtual Escape Room, something that encourages collaboration among colleagues. The idea is to have the teams solve puzzles and complete missions by taking instructions from a guide to get out of a virtual room. Team members will have to put their heads together to answer riddles faster than their competitors; it’s a race to the end!

Virtual Escape Rooms are a great way to spark teamwork again despite working remotely and, of course, still have fun.

Consider a Christmas Quiz Night

This one can be a free-for-all game, but here are some ideas to get you started. Channel your inner Hermione (yes, even you fellas), and be the first to answer questions like: When did BLACKPINK release their cover of The Christmas Song? Can you sing all the lyrics of Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You?

Gather questions about pop culture, cultural events and more; you can even throw funny tidbits about your co-workers into the mix. Just make sure people know they’re being featured in the quiz items!

The COVID-19 vaccine is on its way but, in the meantime, be sure to continue following social distancing protocols and stay-at-home orders. Have a merry and safe Christmas, everyone!

Art Matthew Fetalver

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