Visita Iglesia: What To Take With You

Here’s your definitive list for that annual adventure



Visita Iglesia is not a new practice; it’s a time honored tradition that dates back to when the pilgrims used to visit the Roman basilicas as penance. But since then, the custom has been modernized quite a bit and given a more relaxed overall feel. For some families, it’s become a way to spend time together over the holidays and because of this, it’s sometimes a whole day affair. 


Which is why you need to pack smart and we’re here to help you.


A powerbank and your cable

If you’re going to be out the whole day, you’re going to need something like the Besiter Eclipse 4 Portable Powerbank, which has 10,000mAh capacity. Naturally, you’re going to need your charging cable, too. But ditch the long wire and opt for the cuter Playground Tassel Keychain that offers both function and fashion instead.



Something that will make you comfortable

You’re going to be on the road a lot, so don’t forget to try and make that seat comfortable for you. If that means a full-sized pillow, go for it. But if you’ll settle in with a throw pillow for your head, then opt for that instead.



More memory for more photos

With the amount of beautiful churches we have in the Philippines, we know you’re going to want to take some photos. And in this digital age, your number of shots should never rely on memory. The Apricot OTG connects directly to your iPhone to give you an extra 32GB of memory on the go. 



Something refreshing

Your car may be air-conditioned, but that cool feel is sure to leave you as soon as you step under the sun. So to keep yourself hydrated, keep a drink with you wherever you go. Any beverage might do the trick, but try to keep it clean with water or sports drinks.  



A little bite

If your family is the type to make a real road trip out of Visita Iglesia, then you should pack a few snacks, too. There will be rest stops and food stops along the way, but you honestly never know how traffic is going to be. Stay on the safe side and bring yourself something to munch on.




Have a fruitful Holy Week break! 

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