Here’s When To Switch From Your Analog To A Smartwatch

It might be time to leave the old ticker at home



There comes a time on our lives when we think we need to make a change—and who can really blame us when technology offers such tempting alternatives? The world went from beepers to cellphones, from coal to solar energy, and from analog to smartwatches. But while the former options were easily swept up, there’s been some hesitation with the latter substitute.


The Pros Of A Smartwatch


Hands-free user experience

The biggest selling point of smartwatches is that it has the more important features of a smartphone right on your wrist. With several options available, a handful of them allow you to take calls and receive messages while you’re on the go. The idea is that it’s less of a distraction during your more rigorous activities; just look at the watch and see if it’s important instead of whipping out your smartphone every three minutes. 


There’s one for everyone

With so many options available, you’re bound to find the right one for you. There’s the Fitbit Alta Fitness Wristband and the Atmos Fit Elite Smart Fitness Band for those that want to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. Both wearables can track your steps and heartrate in order to give you a whole picture of your progress.


Meanwhile, there is the Apple Watch and the Android Wear 2.0 from Apple and Google, respectively. Both wearables offer a wider range of features that cover messages, mail, calls and offer compatibility with a handful of third party applications.  


The Cons Of A Smartwatch



A smartphone, like a smartwatch, is constantly being developed. If you buy one today, a better one will be released next year with enhanced features and a more friendly interface. And while they don’t necessarily cost as much as a high-end analog watch, they still cost a pretty penny—and it will just keep adding up.



Because it is a gadget, every smartwatch needs to be charged. Most boast hours of continuity on a single full battery, but if you can’t be bothered to remember to plug in your device once a while, it’s virtually useless. Then again, you could just charge it when you charge your handheld.


To Switch Or Not To Switch?

That is the question. The answer is: It’s all about that digital lifestyle and whether or not it will suit yours. If you have no need for it, don’t get it. But if you do want a clearer picture of your life wherever and whenever, then there is no better investment to make. Take the plunge and make the purchase.



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