Dashcams: Why Every Driver Needs Them

This is one trend you do not want to miss out on


Whether you own one or have considered owning one, there’s no denying that a dashcam has been on your radar in one way or another. We definitely can't blame you; those little cameras can often times be a godsend.


They provide security.

When everything in front of you is being recorded, you’re bound to capture something important. In case of accidents, dashcams often become the primary source of information. When you have that clip, you can use it to clear your name and get the right compensation. And even if it isn’t your own misadventures that you’re capturing, footage can also be used to clear up arguments between other drivers.


They promote discipline.

For some reason, the general population behaves better when they know they’re being watched. With the sheer number of viral videos that prove irresponsibility on the road, drivers are bound to be more conscious about their actions—at least we hope so.  



They have other features, too.

Dashcams can actually do more than just take videos of the road. Some units can also tell when you’re getting too close to a vehicle and will let you know with an alarm. So if you’re driving an older car without sensors, a dashcam is a good way to upgrade without digging too deep into your pockets. In terms of practicality, opt for a dashcam that has nighttime and loop features as well.


Become viral.

We’ve seen our fair share of viral dashcam videos—from the funny to the scary to the plain ridiculous. And who knows, your video could be making the rounds online soon enough.



You can get creative with the videos.

While the real use of a dashcam is to provide a level of safety to drivers, you can really do what you want with the videos. Use them to document a particularly memorable road trip, for example. That way, you’ll literally remember every memory you made, from the routes you took to the stops you made along the way.  

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