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Why You Should Keep Playing Pokémon Go

The game is revving up for a comeback




Four months since it launched, Pokémon GO still stands strong. In fact, its player retention rate is a lot better than many popular apps. We list down the reasons:


More Special Events

The people behind Pokémon GO know that catching Pidgey after Pidgey can get tiring. So they came up with special events, where trainers can catch rare, seasonal Pokémon, like the ghost-types last Halloween that were reminiscent of old Lavender town spawns in the original Pokémon games. The thrill of catching something you don’t see very often is one of the things that make this game so addicting.


With Christmas right around the corner we could only guess what Niantic has planned; more Ice-type spawn to deal with those Dragonite-stacking gyms? Bonus stardust falling from the Star of Bethlehem? Who knows? The developers are full of surprises.


Niantic gives back

The great thing about Pokémon GO compared to other games is that it is so influenced by what’s happening in real life. From not being able to play the game while there’s a typhoon to not being able to move around as much during the night—real world happenings are what affect the game most. Niantic is hosting more events with extremely rare Pokémon, like the Lapras event that’s happening in numerous prefectures in Japan, where 200 Lapras spawns happened within a twelve-hour period.


Why in Japan though? Besides celebrating the launch of their new update, Niantic also wanted to help boost tourism in the prefectures that were hit by the recent tsunami. Good guy Niantic is looking out for their trainers.


New Tracking System

In San Francisco, where Niantic’s labs are located, they have a special tracking system that allows trainers to see what Pokémon are close to specific PokéStops. While this feature was originally limited to this city, it is gradually rolling out to other parts of the US and will most likely be implemented all over the world. Now, you’ll finally find that elusive Snorlax lounging around them PokéStops.



More PokéStops and Daily Quests

Globe’s partnership with Niantic could not have come at a better time. Niantic, believe it or not, actually listens to its player base—they just needed some time to implement everything. People wanted the game to become more interactive and more exciting to play, especially in provincial areas. This is why they’ve added sponsored PokéStops, like those powered by Globe, so that the game is more accessible to players.


Daily quests have also been added to the game and they’re pretty easy quests. Your first PokéStop spin will earn you 500 experience and extra items, and your first Pokémon catch will earn you 500 experience and 600 stardust. Keep doing this for one week straight for an awesome seven-day streak bonus: 2500 experience and a whopping 3000 stardust for your first catch, and 2500 experience and a ton of bonus items. These bonuses help you quite a bit when you reach end-game where you’ll want to power up your strongest Pokémon and when gaining levels is at a snail’s pace.


It has a clear future ahead of it

Niantic has a clear vision on how they want people to play their game because they’re in it for the long run.

Pokémon GO is not just another mobile app you play on your commute; it’s a whole new immersive experience that they are offering. Niantic isn’t without fault for sure, but what’s commendable about them is the confidence they have in their game—they know they’ve made something extraordinary.


The Pokémon GO community is still looking into how the game is being coded; finding secrets and Easter eggs, like trading and the introduction of legendary Pokémon and Generation 2. It’s things like these that keep fans of the game in anticipation of what they have yet to offer. Pokémon GO has already done so much and is continuing to break our notions of what games in the future could become. So yeah, four months into it (and likely even after), we still have that deep desire to catch ‘em all.

Words Chise Alcantara

Photos via Niantic and Tech Crunch (screenshot)

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