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What Is the Revamped GlobeOne App (And Why Do You Need It)? - go!

What Is the Revamped GlobeOne App (And Why Do You Need It)?

Learn about the GlobeOne app and its benefits and promos

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What is GlobeOne?

The GlobeOne App’s Handy Features

What Can Globe Prepaid Customers Do with the App?

What Can Globe Postpaid Customers Do with the App?

What Can Globe At Home Customers Do with the App?

How to Register Your Account on the GlobeOne App

FAQs About the GlobeOne App

Beyond providing standard telco services, Globe continues to offer exciting features that help customers enjoy life better—from entertainment and freebies to communication and productivity.

While the features that come with your subscription are dynamic and life-enhancing, navigating them can get challenging. How handy would it be to get ahold of an app that monitors all your Globe accounts, and makes discovery of promos, features, and benefits so much more convenient? 

That app is now here. Whether you’re looking to check your prepaid balance, avail broadband data, or subscribe to different postpaid promos, GlobeOne, the revamped all-in-one Globe app, makes the experience seamless.

What is GlobeOne?

The GlobeOne app allows Globe customers to track, manage, and control their accounts effectively. It features postpaid, prepaid, and broadband support and centralizes everything in a single dashboard so checking in is fast, convenient, and efficient. This all-in-one platform makes it easy for users to learn how to register an account or manage their prepaid or postpaid plan, too.

The GlobeOne App’s Handy Features

Globe aims to ensure that your mobile experience is enjoyable and convenient. Do that with the GlobeOne app. Ahead, find out what it can do for you.

1. Check out and subscribe to promos

Globe’s promos are both super convenient for the budget-conscious and come in handy for various lifestyle needs.

As it stands, consumers typically get their updates through different platforms and sources, causing them to miss out on good deals. With the GlobeOne app, all the promos you are subscribed to (like GoSURF, call and text promos, and other lifestyle perks) can easily be found in one place.

Having these instantly available in an efficient format means fewer clicks. You got that right: that means no more dialing #143* where you have to manually go through the list of options to troubleshoot or manage your account.

2. Manage multiple accounts

If you have a Globe Postpaid, a Broadband, and maybe even a business account, GlobeOne is a great way to streamline your profiles easily.

You can add multiple accounts and manage them all under a single user. This gives you the convenience of seeing the statuses of each one without leaving the app. Say goodbye to days of having different accounts to review everything!

3. Easily track your data consumption

Data usage is essential for accomplishing many online activities. Since most plans come with a data cap, it makes sense to be wary of and monitor your consumption regularly. While Globe makes SurfAlert available, it’s much better to know your data allowance whenever and wherever, not just when you’re about to reach the data limit.

With GlobeOne, you can easily top-up right on the app when you see that you’re about to reach your limit, removing all the extra steps like needing to send a message to register.

4. Conveniently pay your bills on time

Not everyone has the time to go to payment centers to settle monthly dues. Globe now makes it easier for postpaid users to see their bills through the GlobeOne app. Instead of lining up, you can view your bill history, check when it’s due, and view the amount you need to pay on your device.

Here, you can see your excess usage and a more in-depth bill summary on top of your total due amount. This is a more economical way of viewing and paying your bills, which you now have a better chance of preparing for.

5. Make service requests with ease

You can also make various service requests through the GlobeOne app, such as temporarily disconnecting your line or getting a history of your billing statements. Instead of calling or waiting in line at a service center, you can accomplish everything remotely, from the comforts of home.

6. Buy or share prepaid load and promos

With the GlobeOne app, you can quickly buy mobile load or data anytime and anywhere. This is a faster and more convenient way of topping up without spending time going to a convenience store or mall.

Likewise, you can score the app’s different promos for your everyday needs. There are many categories to these to discover and explore, like hot deals for students, families, and gamers. You can even use the GlobeOne app to pay for different subscriptions, like Disney+, Crunchyroll, and Spotify. 

7. Redeem, gift, and manage Globe Rewards

The GlobeOne app offers rewards you can redeem through Globe’s partners. With over 3,000 partners nationwide, you will never run out of places to spend your well-earned points. Lazada, Shopee, Grab, Zalora, and Landers Superstore are just some of the partners you get to shop from.

In addition to converting your points to e-gift vouchers, you can redeem them for mobile surfing or donate them to charitable organizations. Partner organizations include PAWS Philippines, the ABS-CBN Foundation, Ayala Foundation, and Rise Against Hunger.

On that note, it’s great to know that earning points is very simple. If you’re a Globe or TM prepaid customer, you get points based on how often you reload. For postpaid, your points are calculated by your total bill every month.

8. Earn exclusive discounts from Globe’s partner establishments

Along with redeeming Globe Rewards for the best shopping experiences yet, Globe also offers exclusive discounts with its partner brands. You can choose from different products, services, and brands when copping these exclusive discounts, which makes for a more unique and customized customer experience.

Most of Globe’s partners have branches all over the country, so you don’t have to worry about being in a specific location to access these.

What Can Globe Prepaid Customers Do with the App?

The GlobeOne app allows prepaid customers to make transactions seamlessly, saving effort and time. With the app at your fingertips, you can quickly load your number based on your preferred plan or mobile allocation.

Being a prepaid customer also gives you access to some of the app’s promos, which are regularly updated and renewed. In addition, it lets you avail of different entertainment subscription plans, like Spotify and Disney+, the latter having only recently entered the Philippine market.

What Can Globe Postpaid Customers Do with the App?

Postpaid customers can also benefit from the GlobeOne app, but instead of loading your number, you can use it to track your plan’s overall data usage. Additionally, you can use the app to renew your plan or modify it based on your financial capacity or lifestyle.

The GlobeOne app can also assist you when reporting concerns about your plan, like changing or reconnecting a line. As a postpaid customer, you also get access to Living It!, an online editorial, lifestyle guide, and entertainment hub made exclusively for postpaid customers.

What Can Globe At Home Customers Do with the App?

For customers of broadband products such as Globe At Home, the GlobeOne app allows you to check your summary and data usage. You can also utilize the app to check your broadband's historical or upcoming bills.

You can use promos and load them to your broadband plan, too. GlobeOne gives you access to exclusive promos and free content on platforms like HBO GO, Viu, Discovery+, and more. Plans under HomeSURF give you 23GB to 120GB of data allocation, with free 7GB to 30GB of data depending on the plan.

How to Register Your Account on the GlobeOne App

Signing up and creating a new account on the GlobeOne app is simple. Anyone with a Gmail, Facebook, or Yahoo account can easily register. 

Choose which email or social media site you’d like to use to connect your account and mobile number. Afterwards, you should receive a one-time password (OTP) within five minutes.

If you already have a GlobeOne app, tap the “Login” button and enter your credentials, email address, or phone number. Note that your enrolled accounts won’t be automatically added to your account list even if you’ve already registered to the current app.

Registering via your broadband is also an option. Enter your Home Prepaid WiFi, select your modem, and wait for the app to register your account. Depending on the modem model, some may require you to input an OTP, which will be sent to your modem's SIM.

FAQ About the GlobeOne App

The GlobeOne app provides countless benefits to Globe customers: from allowing them to subscribe to promos to easily sharing load. The convenience and possibilities are virtually endless.

How many accounts can I register on the GlobeOne app?

The new app can cover up to 10 Globe registered accounts. Before the July 2022 app update, some users, however, may have been able to register more than 10 accounts. These won’t be deleted, but users moving forward cannot add any more unless they remove an account.

How do I add my Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi account to GlobeOne?

You can add your Prepaid WiFi account to the GlobeOne app by connecting it to your HPW modem. Go to your account and tap the “+” button to add a new account. Once you’ve added your modem, wait for the verification method of your choice and security questions. After verification, you’ll be able to confirm your broadband account.

How do I terminate my Globe postpaid plan using GlobeOne?

You can request to terminate your postpaid account by going to the app’s dashboard or via the Help Center. You can find the “Termination” button under the “Quick Actions” tab.

Where to check or edit my plan details?

You can view your plan by going to the main page of your account and tapping “View Details.” You can see your plan, personal information, and address on this page. If you want to edit or change your details, you can tap the “Help” icon. Here, someone should be in touch to address your request.

Can I use the GlobeOne app to pay?

Yes, you can! You can see your bills in detail within the app and pay them using different payment channels such as credit cards or GCash.

Where can I convert data in the GlobeOne app?

To convert your extra data into rewards, go to your dashboard and click “Rewards.” Select “Convert Data” and choose the account or promo. Tap “Convert Data” and wait for the success page to load.

Can I delete an account I registered via the app?

Yes! Tap on the account you want to remove. This will redirect you to the account’s details page, where you can tap the “Edit” icon and then “Remove This Account.”

Where can I raise a concern or report?

If you need assistance with the app or your accounts, tap the “Help” button at the bottom of your dashboard. This feature lets you submit concerns regarding bill inquiries, line reconnection, connection issues, and account information.

Redefining Your Globe Experience

With all the things you can do on this app, GlobeOne is pretty much set up to be every Globe subscriber’s go-to. By unifying different services into one central platform, Globe users can enjoy superb comfort and convenience like never before. The app is available today on different OS platforms; download it on the App Store or Google Play Store

Got any more questions about the GlobeOne app? We’ve got you covered. Make sure to visit the official GlobeOne FAQ page for all the answers you’re looking for.

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