What Is GlobeOne (and Why Do You Need It)?

Check out the perks of downloading the GlobeOne app, and find out why it’s great for prepaid, postpaid and broadband subscribers

Beyond providing standard cell services, Globe has looked into a ton of other features that help subscribers enjoy life better—from entertainment and freebies to communication and productivity.

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While these features are all helpful, dynamic and life-enhancing, there are times where they can get challenging to keep track of. Imagine: how handy would it be to have one app to monitor all your Globe accounts (whether it’s your prepaid balance, broadband data or available postpaid promos)? GlobeOne, the all-in-one Globe app, makes that a reality.

What Is GlobeOne?

This app is Globe’s newest offering that helps subscribers manage, track and control all their accounts. It supports postpaid, prepaid and broadband users, therefore centralizes everything for you. Ahead, just some of the things you can do on the GlobeOne app:

Check Out and Subscribe to Promos

Globe’s promo offerings are both super convenient for the budget-conscious and useful for various occasions. The catch is: you might miss out on some really good ones if you get your updates from different sources. With GlobeOne, all the promos you can subscribe to (like GoSURF, call and text promos and other lifestyle perks) can be found in one place. Having all of them instantly presented to you in an efficient format on the app means fewer clicks, too. That’s right—no more dialing #143 and manually going through the list of options.

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Manage Multiple Accounts

If you have one account with Globe Postpaid and another for Broadband, and maybe even a Business account, GlobeOne is a great way for you to streamline everything. Here, you can add multiple accounts and manage them all under one user. This gives you the luxury of checking the status of each one without leaving the app. Gone are the dizzying days where you have to log in and out of different accounts to review everything.

Easily Track Your Data Consumption

Today, data usage is a big part of everyone’s online activities. Since most plans come with a data cap, it makes sense to be wary about your consumption and stay on top of this. While Globe makes SURF alerts available for users, it’s a lot better to have access to your data allowance any time, any day, and not just when you’re just about to reach your data limit.

With GlobeOne, you can easily top-up right on the app when you see you’re about to reach your limit, once again removing extra steps like having to send a message to register. 

Conveniently Pay Your Bills (on Time!)

Not everyone has the time to go to payment centers to settle their monthly dues. Globe is making it easier for postpaid users to view their bill history, check their due date and view the amount to pay on the GlobeOne app. You can even see your excess usage and go deep into the nitty-gritty of your bill on top of finding out your total amount due. It’s a more economical way of viewing and paying your bills, which you now have a better chance of preparing for, too.

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Other Handy Features

You can also make various service requests through the GlobeOne website and app. This includes temporarily disconnecting your line, increasing your credit limit or getting a history of your billing statement beyond 12 months. In some cases, you will have to call a customer service agent to process these. But with the app, it only takes a few taps and you can accomplish everything right in the comfort of your home.

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The official launch of the GlobeOne app is yet to be announced, so keep an eye out for it! But if you’re dying for a quick preview and want to take a look ASAP, you can check out the unreleased version on the App Store and Google Play.

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