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Keep the beloved USB stick in your pocket. It’s not obsolete yet!

The flash drive, that small piece of equipment that’s used to store and transfer files from one computer to another, continues to be relevant today. Even with rise of types of file sharing – Dropbox, Google Drive, and Rapid Share, the humble USB flash drive still has its use. Here are five moments you’ll be wishing you have one. 

1 When you need to walk away from your computer for a long time

Imagine your USB flash drive working like a physical key that locks and unlocks your computer. With the right application such as Predator, a USB flash drive transforms into an access control device. When you need to walk away from your computer, just unplug the USB stick and your computer will be locked with the screen going dark. When you return, just plug it back in and your computer will be unlocked then the screen will be back on. It keeps your computer – more importantly your files – safe from anyone who intends to hack it or simply play a prank on you.

2 If your computer doesn’t have a wireless adapter

A USB flash drive can turn into a wireless adapter and then connect your computer to wireless network. It would enable your computer to communicate with the router and in effect, the modem. All you need to do is plug it to a port and download its drivers.

3 When you have to use a computer that’s not yours

Saving the portable versions of your favorite applications in a USB stick can help up your security game. By running your applications from the USB stick, you wouldn’t need to change the computer’s hard drive. It would contain all of your private settings, including passwords. So the second you log out of the said computer, not a byte of your personal data will be left behind.

4 When you need to wipe out all the data from your hard drive

When it’s time to upgrade your hard drive and you want to sell the old one, erase all the stored files with the help of your USB flash drive. Instead of manually deleting them all, use the DBAN application and save yourself time. Install the application in your USB drive, plug it in, and boot up.

5 When your RAM needs a boost

A USB flash drive, when plugged to the computer can virtually increase the RAM of your computer. The extra memory space can in effect speed up your computer’s processing time and better manage the applications. Search the web for DIY tutorials on how to do so.

Words by: Jing Lejano

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