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Here's Why You Should Get a Globe At Home Postpaid Plan - go!

Here's Why You Should Get a Globe At Home Postpaid Plan

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There’s no doubt that the internet has become a necessity for every home. Connecting with loved ones, accomplishing work-from-home tasks and enjoying your favorite shows and movies are now more essential than ever due to the pandemic. These are only possible with a reliable internet plan.

If you’re looking for a reliable and strong internet connection, you should definitely consider Globe At Home. Connect your home to any of the Globe At Home Broadband plans so you can surf anytime without interruptions. Globe At Home is also a customizable internet plan, offering you different payment options, flexible broadband plans and various perks. 

If you're considering getting a Globe At Home Postpaid plan or you’re a prepaid subscriber who wants to make an upgrade, this article will cover the basics of the plan and show you why you should get a Globe At Home Postpaid plan today!

The Rundown on Globe At Home

Globe At Home is a reliable broadband service for your home to stay connected 24/7, whether it’s for school, work or entertainment.   

One of the best parts about Globe At Home is that it offers flexible payment options—you can choose between postpaid and prepaid plans. Get faster speeds and more data with a variety of Globe At Home postpaid promos or stick to your budget with Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi with just as much internet reliability!

Flexible Payment: Globe At Home Postpaid vs. Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi

Globe At Home Postpaid
Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi
  • Has a wide selection of monthly postpaid plans depending on your budget
  • Wired connection (installation required)
  • Unlimited plans start at Plan 1699 and come with speeds ranging from 15 Mbps to a maximum of up to 1 Gbps with Plan 9499
  • With Plan 1899, experience speeds of up to 30 Mbps with unlimited data and get three months of free access to iWant and Amazon Prime Video, plus a free Android TV box, which transforms any TV into a Smart TV
  • Get 100 Mbps speed with unlimited data with Plan 2899 that also comes with two TP-Link Deco M5 Wi-Fi Mesh devices to expand your Wi-Fi coverage to more areas at home
  • Budget-friendly internet access at home, giving you 2X faster speed, 2X stronger signal and broader coverage than a regular pocket Wi-Fi
  • No installation and monthly fees
  • Enjoy exclusive promos from HomeWATCH1499 with up to 200 GB for 30 days
  • The Home Prepaid WiFi comes in at P799, the Home Prepaid WiFi - LTE Advanced at P1,999 and the Xtreme Home Prepaid WiFi at P1,499, all of which include free 10 GB of data upon modem activation

Why Should You Go for a Postpaid Plan?

1. Customizable and flexible plans for power users

Globe At Home postpaid plans come in a wide range of plans perfect for any budget. The starter is Plan 1299, with speeds of up to 10 Mbps and 500 GB data allocation monthly. Unlimited plans are Plan 1699, with speeds up to 15 Mbps and Plan 9499 at 1 Gbps.

2. Connect to the latest Fiber or LTE technology—wherever you are.

Globe At Home allows you to choose between Unli Fiber Up and LTE@Home plans. Unli Fiber Up's broadband plans utilize Fiber optic technology with a wired connection, whereas LTE@Home's Go Big plans offer wireless broadband connection. Both plans allow you to browse, play and stream according to your budget and internet needs. 

The Unli Fiber Up plans start at P1499 with speeds of 20 Mbps and 1 Gbps for Plan 9499. LTE@Home plans include P1299 that comes with 10 Mbps speed and 150 GB data allocation and Plan 1699 with 20 Mbps speed and 600 GB data.

3. Get speeds of up to 1 Gbps (1000Mbps!) 

With Unli Fiber Up 9499, get speeds of up to 1 Gbps, so you can do everything you already do online and more, but faster. Enjoy higher speeds and less congestion on your home network! Have a lag-free experience when streaming videos or online gaming. 

4. Enjoy a multitude of perks

Most Globe At Home plans have relevant perks and freebies that you’ll surely enjoy, such as a 3-month access to KonsultaMD, a 24/7 telehealth hotline for medical consultations. Current plans also come with a 3-month access to GInsure, where multiple insurance products can give you cash assistance and medical coverage, including a P140,500 COVID-19 and Dengue insurance coverage. 

Keeping the family entertained is also easy with Globe At Home, as it gives you 3-month access to your favorite shows with Viu Premium, HBO GO and Amazon Prime Video. Plus, talking to loved ones is easier since you get a FREE landline with unlimited calls to Globe and TM!

5. Ultimate convenience with the Globe At Home app

New and existing Globe At Home customers can apply for or upgrade their plans using the Globe At Home app, which you can download for FREE through the Play Store or the App Store. The Globe At Home app also allows you to view and pay your monthly bill, track your data usage, get help with account-related concerns, activate free streaming services and gain access to freebies and gifts.

6. Upgrade your experience with add-on devices

You have the option to take advantage of your fiber-fast connection even more with Globe's broadband devices. By adding the TP-Link Deco M5 Wi-Fi Mesh system or the Android TV, you can get quality internet and a better entertainment system, respectively. Add a set of two Deco M5 units to your existing plan at a monthly fee of P300 for 24 months or the Android TV at an affordable monthly payment of P150 for 24 months.

Unlimited Home Internet Experience at Your Fingertips

A reliable internet connection is now within your reach with Globe At Home! The Globe At Home postpaid plans offer you a personalized experience, so you can come up with a plan that suits your internet needs. Whether you do light tasks like sending emails, online research or casual surfing, or are a heavy streamer or gamer and download often, you'll benefit from an unlimited connection made possible by Globe.

If you want an internet connection that will pass a speed test with flying colors, consider getting a Globe At Home postpaid plan today!

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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