Embarrassing WiFi Kapit Moments We’ve All Been Through

Naging #WiFiHunter ka na rin ba?

While technology has developed tremendously over the past few years, it isn’t as everywhere as we’d like it to be. Internet connection in particular is a right that isn’t available 24/7—which is why we’ve all taken the role of a #WiFiHunter at least one time in our lives. We've all leeched off someone else's WiFi, whether it's to check our social media, send messages on Viber or download our favorite Netflix shows so we can binge them at the comforts of our own home. We've gotten creative in trying to figure out WiFi passwords and learned how to settle ourselves down wherever it's freely available.

Read on for #WiFiHunters stories we can all relate to.

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WiFi Hunter 1: Pa-hotspot naman oh!

You’re with your friends, you’re telling stories and you’re sharing laughs. But then there comes the inevitable halt of conversation. It doesn’t mean boredom and it isn’t at all awkward; it’s just quiet. You see your friend start to browse Facebook, Instagram, maybe even YouTube. You open your own phone, but there’s no WiFi available.

So you nudge the person beside you and say: “Pa-hotspot naman ako oh.”

WiFi Hunter 2: Dito, malakas signal

Your younger brother has a report due and is desperate for an internet connection that won’t cut off and is fast enough for downloading important files. He turns to you and asks where he can go. You offer to take him somewhere you know he can get the job done.

You speak up with confidence: “Dito, malakas signal,” and you settle down and start browsing yourself.

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WiFi Hunter 3: I’m going to Starbucks/Coffee Bean/Toby’s to work/study

It’s a weekend, but you need to work or study—which means you need internet. Without it, you can’t get access to the software you need or the online lectures your teacher has generously provided. So you pack up everything from your laptop to your charger to your planner and a few pens and highlighters.

You tell everyone: “I’m going to a coffee shop to work (and mooch off their WiFi).”

WiFi Hunter 4: Boy/Ray/Chris/etc., ano password ng WiFi mo?

You’re at your friend’s house, which is nothing out of the ordinary. You guys are chilling, with Netflix on in the background or some Spotify tunes drifting through the room. You’re all doing your own thing; someone’s reading a book, one is playing a game on their phone, one is busy sending messages to the girl he just matched on Tinder with. And all you want is to check the scores on a game you’re interested in.

You call out, “Bro, ano WiFi password mo?”

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